THE LOCAL: Alexis Walter


Meet ALEXIS WALTER, the muse to many a NOLA interior designer whose works of art echo the many layers of our beautiful city. Alexis creates abstract impasto and watercolor paintings that bridge the gap between antique and contemporary décor, work within a variety of design genres, and present rich new colors you’ve never quite seen before. It’s no wonder Alexis is a darling in our local design scene. Read on to get to know her better.


The Inspiration

Envisioning a beautiful room has always been the first step in my creative process. Whether a French chateau from travels or a mid century modern home around the corner from my Uptown studio, I paint with a feel of a room in mind.



While I’m painting, and often before I set brush to canvas, I’m envisioning the frames on the wall, the curtains that adorn the windows, the perfectly fluffed pillows, and the “craft” cocktail napkins to complete the room of my dreams. 

Fun Fact

I actually paint in pairs. This is a technique I honed while working with local design legend, GERRIE BREMERMANN, who frequently placed my work in her designs in pairs. Gerrie’s love of symmetry compells her to select smaller pieces to be placed as a vertical over a horizontal to provide great spatial impact. The great impact this design has in a room has really influenced the way I paint, even from the very beginning stage.


The Finishing Touch

Frames make all the difference when hanging any art! I learned everything I know about framing from Gerrie. She selects hand-crafted, artisanal frames to tell her design story. What I love is how Gerrie chose smaller pieces adorned in these artisanal frames rather than commissioning a large canvas to cover a wall. The end product really complements the artwork and creates dimension in a room.

My Expert Advice

I believe every home should be adorned with original art, so I paint on boards, canvases, and paper to provide attainability for all. You don’t have to have a GERRIE BREMERMANN designed home to hang a piece of my artwork in it. If you wish for high design on a budget, select a painted board and dress it up with a frame. Boards do not require a mat or glass, so it costs less to have it framed. You can also learn from Gerrie and consider placing pieces in pairs, specifically a vertical over a horizontal. Pairs create symmetry and if placed together, take up real estate.


Shop Talk

I’m really excited about the recent launch of my textile line, ALEXIS WALTER MAISON. I designed nine different patterns, all inspired by my personal garden and artwork. I like to think that these designs will dress up any accoutrement in the home, from your dog’s bed to your window panes. They have all been printed on this gorgeous Belgian linen, plus we also have pillows and cocktail napkins available. Everything in your home should tell a story—from the furniture you sit on, to the drinks you serve!


We love the early bird Friday night 8 o’clock Ellis Marsalis show at SNUG HARBOR. It’s the sweetest little spot and the music is amazing.

My garden is my favorite place in the world. Right now my roses are blooming and it’s making me extra happy! We were a little behind on planting our fall and winter veggies this year so they’re still small but soon enough we will be harvesting all sorts of beautiful heirlooms lettuces, radishes, Swiss chard, cabbages, broccoli, and cauliflowers!! 

I’m counting the days until I can use the Lettuces in salads with my favorite vinaigrette (which is printed in the back of my seed packets- available this spring!) Stay tuned for more by following me on Instagram at @ALEXISWALTERART and @ALEXISWALTERMAISON or SHOP ONLINE