An Underwater Photography Session with Olivia Grey Pritchard Photography

Underwater Portrait Photography

Summertime photos seem to capture that extra spark of childhood — the vibrant colors, the slow days, the exuberance in the fun. Scouted photographer Olivia Grey Pritchard is putting a particularly magical spin on summer family photos with her underwater photography sessions. Olivia invited The Scout Guide New Orleans behind the scenes of a recent underwater session, and we couldn’t wait to show you the best new way to beat the heat.

Drone Photography

Before dipping below the surface, Olivia started off the session using a drone to capture images from above. The children were in the pool with matching floats and swimsuits while Olivia remotely snapped photos from the sky.

Olivia flew the drone using a controller with an integrated screen. This enables her to see what the camera sees and zoom, shift, and adjust just as she would from the ground.

Underwater Sibling Photo

Next, Olivia prepared for the underwater images by placing her camera in a waterproof case. She must ensure that it is sealed tightly to prevent water damage to the camera.

Underwater Photography

Once the camera was ready, Olivia headed into the pool with the kids. Olivia emptied all of the air from her lungs before diving so that she sank directly to the pool’s bottom. When the children dive under, this is where underwater photography can be tricky: Some people are more buoyant than others, making it difficult to stay underwater, and many people, especially children, cannot hold their breath for very long.

Olivia had a few seconds underwater on each dive to take pictures. After several collective dives, lots of bubbles, giggles, and splashes, Olivia captured a few great photos. 

Family Pool Portrait

For the most memorable family photos this summer, just add water! Book your underwater session here with Olivia Grey Pritchard. Don’t forget to tell her Scout sent you!