THE LOCAL: Alejandra Rosales, Owner of ARROWS PILATES


Meet Alejandra Rosales, a native New Orleanian and owner of ARROWS PILATES, a private pilates studio in the Central Business District which opened its doors in September 2019. This sacred oasis is tucked away in a beautiful historic building and is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Downtown. ARROWS is committed to staying truly authentic to the craft of Pilates while creating an experience for all individuals according to their needs and what centers them. Alejandra shares here what inspires her daily about her community. 

The Inspiration 

The inspiration for Arrows Pilates started when I realized the depth of my relationship with my clients while I was teaching at another studio. All the things were building as a team. That’s when I realized that I could carry my vision into something of my own. 


The Loyalty

My clients value the privacy of my business, the flexibility to move outside of the box, and having open conversations about what we are practicing. Most of all, we have fun while we’re moving! 


Practice Reminds Me To…

Stay true to who you are. Stay authentic, honest, and genuine. Do what you love and the rest will fall into place. Have faith and always move forward. Be patient, compassionate and kind. 

The Challenge

Never did I anticipate that six months after opening my doors I would have to shut them temporarily in an effort to flatten the curve of COVID-19. With the more digitally focused world we are living in, I am switching gears to provide video content to my clients. I had to rip the bandaid off to challenge myself to create videos of my work and place them in a social platform. Pilates is such a personal experience and I love nothing more than being in my space teaching. 

Wellness Tips For Now and Always
I always find time to write in my journal write down my thoughts and ideas. Get outside as much as possible whether a bike ride, a walk or a run, and leave the screen at home. A big, big one is take time of all social media and screens and remind yourself not everything has to be done. Its okay to be lazy and rest right now. Take time to read something new. I’m currently reading “A Secret History of Witches.” Make sure to have breakfast! Lastly, I remind myself everyday to be grateful for to those around me, say I love you to my family and to breath! Stay calm, patient and compassionate. 


I am currently loving the development of my neighborhood, the Warehouse District. Also, enjoying the increase of art development. My favorite New Orleans experience is Jazz Fest. I absolutely love Paladar 511 for both lunch or dinner, and my favorite place to listen to live music is for sure DBA. 

People love New Orleans. We love the efforts, creativity and love people put into local business.

ARROWS PILATES | 419 Carondelet Street | Suite 103 | New Orleans, LA | 70130 | 504-702-8644 | [email protected]@ARROWSPILATES | ARROWSPILATES.COM