Here to Fluff Things Up

By: Evins Roddy

Today I had the opportunity to speak with Trish Elam of Pandy Cotton Candy to learn more about her story, the “puffle”, and the candy business in Nashville.

A Quick Backstory

First of all, Trish is a semi-recent Nashville transplant, and wanted to finally have a job that was doing exactly what she loves…CANDY! After learning that cotton candy was invented in Nashville, she knew that she had to create a unique cotton candy business to get in the Nashville spirit. Originally, Trish began investing in a cotton candy machine and got to work learning how to create unique flavors and experiences. During Covid, her business was booming as she began “porch parties” or four to five people where she would make themed cotton candy treats.


Today, Trish has patented the “puffle,” a unique treat of cotton candy covered in chocolate. How does the cotton candy not melt? Trish invented a unique process of letting the cotton candy caramelize before coating them in the chocolate. The result is a delicious cotton candy truffle! The flavors of the cotton candy are very unique, and Trish even makes salted caramel cotton candy with sea salt chocolate coverings.

Trish still books events, but is now spending most of her time touring around the “puffle” in candy shows around the United States. She dreams of having her creation manufactured on a major scale one day. Trish and Pandy Cotton Candy are now booking events in 2025! Make sure to check her out online here.

Photo Credits: Mary Craven Photography and @heck_designs