Step Up Your Gift Game!

By: Evins Roddy

Jennifer Geny Slice, the founder of Gift House Nashville, tells us a bit more about how to step up our gifting game!

Gift House Nashville

Tell me a little bit about Gift House. How do you describe the industry?
Gift house is a full-service gifting company designed to help you step up your gifting game. From brainstorming ideas and sourcing quality products, to gift assembly and delivery, we handle everything (from start to finish) so you don’t have to.

The gifting industry is an exciting industry to be in, it is continually evolving with the latest trends and the next hot product. Our goal is to keep up with these trends to be able to provide the best options for our clients.

How did you decide to open Gift House in Nashville? What are the areas that you focus on?
Being in the corporate marketing world, I was in charge of ordering our promotional products and gifting for our corporate events.  I relied on promotional and gifting companies to tell me what would be successful for our events/ swag and found there was a disconnect and they missed the mark. 

I started doing the research and figuring out what gifts would best be suited with great success and I loved doing it! I started Gift House to help companies step up their gifting game and allow them to be able to trust us with the gifting, so they can focus on their jobs. We work with a lot of Marketing Executives and Event Planners and they love working with us because we take a very hands on approach.  We learn as much as possible about the event/company and present tailored gifting options best suited for their target audience and within their budget.

Our main area of focus besides high quality gifts is our client’s experience. We work hard to ensure all of our clients have a positive seamless experience while working with us. Gifting should be fun and we want our clients to feel that excitement.  

Company Gifting

Tell me about the custom gifting and merch that can be used for businesses or weddings.
In the world of custom gifts and branded merch, the options are endless and we absolutely love exploring all the best products for our clients.

For a wedding, it starts with the welcome boxes- this sets the tone and gets your guests excited for a fun weekend! Ever done custom tequila escort bottles? We did and they were fabulous! We also create specialty napkins and cups for weddings.  You can’t forget about the party favors- our most popular party favors for weddings are definitely custom hats.

For businesses, branded merch is a great way to show off their brand. We look for high quality products clients will actually use while making the logo look classy. We have done blankets, wireless chargers, Stanleys, Peter Millar apparel, makeup bags, coolers, golf balls, and much more.

Client Gifting is a big one in the corporate world and occurs mostly during the holidays. We love coming up with fun custom gifts their clients will enjoy.  

Some our most popular holiday client gifts from this year:
– Bloody Mary kit
– Giving Theme that included a Simon Pearce Christmas Tree and an engraved leather-bound Giving Tree book
– A Tennessee Breakfast

What are your favorite activities to do in Nashville? Trying new restaurants, going to the lake, Titans games, game nights with friends/family, and a foot massage at Bucca Reflexology.

Wedding Gifting

Photographer: Jessica Amerson

Tequila Escort Bottle Photographer: Clark Brewer

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