Legacy Hospitality & the Holidays

By: Evins Roddy

Today I had the opportunity of getting to interview Shawn from Legacy Hospitality in Nashville. Legacy Hospitality is a company that focuses on luxury “staycations” that allow for some quiet, relaxing time in your own city! Read below to hear more from Shawn’s interview…

1. How did you come up with the idea behind Legacy Hospitality?

“Legacy Hospitality TN is the branding of the service provided to guests as a vacation rental host. If you connect with your guests as soon as they book, help with recommendations and planning,  check on them throughout their stay, and keep in touch long after they have checked out…they will remember their experience.  People remember how you treat them and how you make them feel…your legacy.  That’s how I came up with Legacy Hospitality TN.”

2. Why did you decide to choose Nashville for Legacy Hospitality?

“Nashville actually chose me!   For almost 17 years, I was a licensed Realtor.  During that time, I was fortunate enough to be able to acquire real estate and ultimately become a vacation rental host.”

3. What is your favorite Nashville holiday tradition?

“My favorite holiday tradition?  That’s a tough one to pick…there’s so much to choose from!  Right now, when it comes to “all things family”, going to Zoolumination at the Nashville Zoo is our new tradition.  We have teenagers (which means they are hard to please!), who asked to go back again this year…and it’s just incredible. From the lanterns to the make-shift Chinese Take Out..to the refillable hot cocoa…it’s just a treat. Who would have thought that going to the zoo at night to see lights instead of animals could be just a fun experience. It truly is.”

4. Explain the Southern Belle versus Southern Gentleman?

“The Southern Belle vs. Southern Gentleman..they are siblings!  They are two different homes with the same floor plan with only a slight difference…color palette. With being a host, I quickly learned how important design and comfort are for guests.  I think it’s really important as a host to remember that guests are not looking for a house that looks like a hotel.  They want to stay in a house that has a style, a feel, that makes them want to stay at your vacation rental even longer.  The biggest compliments I received from guests range from “can you design my home” to “where can I get this mattress..I’ve never slept so good in my life”.  Fun Fact: I’m in the process of redesigning and renaming The Southern Belle/Southern Gentleman..stay tuned!”

Check out the Legacy Hospitality website here, and book your staycation today!