Circa: Creative Entrepreneurship

By: Evins Roddy & Roshani Anna Amin

About Circa

“Entrepreneurship is core to Circa, a woman-owned Nashville-born brand agency.

In 2015, founders, Laura Deleot and Tori Thomas, partnered to start a new organization built on the vision of delivering brand and marketing with the highest return, and having fun while doing it.”

“Most businesses want to build a strong brand. But, many business owners consider design a luxury and creativity a risk. And, they aren’t wrong. Creative professionals are notoriously bad at sticking to deadlines, budgets, and “coloring between the lines” in a way that can be difficult for a typical professional to embrace.

With a clear focus on maximizing return on creative (ROC), Circa is on a mission to change this perception. Trained as graphic designers, Laura and Tori know the value of creative work and the challenges behind a disciplined and flexible approach.”

More of What Matters

“With its straight-forward and measurable approach, return on investment (ROI) is one of the most unambiguous ways a business can assess if an investment is adding value.

Quantifying the return on a creative investment is a different challenge. Circa’s framework embraces ROC, a proprietary method that allows creative work to be used as a strategic tool aligned to business objectives and market demands.”

“Creativity is our true passion, but creativity and financial returns are not mutually exclusive. Our strategic approach to creativity makes it more than just expression—it makes it a proven positioning tool for business growth.”
-Laura Deleot, Co-Founder. 

Let’s See ROC in Action

Embracing creative as a business tool has cascading effects: delighted customers, flourishing businesses, and thriving communities.

Interested in brand and marketing that actually works? Call Circa! 

“Branding is so much more than icons and color palettes. Your brand is your reputation and it’s vital to a business’ success.”
– Tori Thomas, co-founder

Photography: Mary Craven Photography