In Conversation with Naples Artist Amy Moglia Heuerman

We sat down with Naples artist Amy Moglia Heuerman to discuss her new gallery and what’s inspiring her right now. Visit her new space at 950 First Ave. N. in downtown Naples and—more often than not—see the artist at work!

What prompted the move to your new gallery? How did you know that you had found the space? Over the last season, I felt that I had outgrown my current space in both size and look. My paintings are large, and I wanted a more contemporary space to display them. I am also prolific—when I had to take several paintings to my home because I had no more space, I knew it was time. When I saw what is now my new space, it was crushed by the hurricane and needed repair. We had to do four months of construction to repair the damage. The new space has two walls of soaring windows; it’s sexy and cool and has natural light, which is perfect for a working studio.

What’s sparking creativity for you right now? I am focusing mostly on abstract expressionism and creating shapes with color. My process is intuitive and instinctive. After a lifetime of making art, I am at the point where I can let go and follow internal prompts to layer and use color and shape to create history on the canvas. I’m in the creative flow while painting, and the painting’s story is revealed at the end, even to me.

Do you have a piece you’ve recently released or one you’re working on that you’re excited about? I just finished Come Undone—it’s 72-by-72 inches, which was harder and more unwieldy to paint purely because of its size. I wanted to hang it up high over an opening in the gallery, and it caused me to be bolder and stronger with shapes and colors.

Any events in the new space that you’d like our followers to mark their calendars for? On Saturday, October 21, from noon to 4 p.m., we’re having a soft opening with food by Grappino. It’s meant to be a casual, friendly event to show the new gallery and lots of art. Stay tuned for the grand opening in January 2024!


Naples, FL, artist Amy Moglia Heuerman