Set Sail: Enjoy Yacht Membership with Exclusive Yachts

Exclusive Yachts is revolutionizing the yachting industry with a unique approach to yacht membership in Naples, FL, which allows members to enjoy the perks of days on the water without the burden of yacht ownership. Whether you’re looking for a day trip to Keewaydin Island or spending a few days in the Florida Keys, this is the way to set sail in style!

What sets Exclusive Yachts apart from traditional yacht ownership or charters? Exclusive Yachts memberships are a part of the next era of yachting that capitalizes on not only the sharing economy but also the rise of the experience economy. As a subscription-based, members-only club, we deliver personalized yachting experiences worldwide at a fraction of the cost of ownership—and without the headaches that can come with ad-hoc chartering. 

Our diverse fleet of luxury vessels range in size from 35 to 110+ feet and offer flexibility for every type of occasion in destinations throughout South Florida and around the world. Whether it’s a short sunset cruise around Naples or Palm Beach, a day-long corporate excursion in Chicago or Boston, or a week-long island-hopping trip in the Bahamas or the Caribbean, an Exclusive Yachts membership offers a variety of unique on-sea experiences. 

Compared to Owning: The math on yacht ownership gets worse every year. Beyond the obvious acquisition costs, a yacht owner must budget for docking, fuel, maintenance costs, paying quality crew, and the list goes on… It’s this sinking money pit that tends to suck all the joy out of being on the water. With our signature yachting membership program, you will never have to hire crew, negotiate fuel costs, or face the time-consuming operational challenges of yacht owners. We take care of it all while you focus on making memories that last a lifetime!

Compared to Chartering: Chartering is hit or miss; kind of like playing Russian roulette. Tracking down legitimate and reliable charter operators can take hours, and it’s hard to trust what you’re getting in terms of boat quality, safety, privacy, and security. If you charter often, especially day trips or short-term charters, it’s only a matter of time before you have an awful, horrible day. At Exclusive Yachts, we offer reliability and flexibility. No worrying about hidden or extra costs, either—your YachtPoints cover everything, including the crew tip. 

Simply put, Exclusive Yachts is “Yachting… Smarter.

What are the different tiers of memberships? And what are YachtPoints? Our system is points-based, similar to how private jet cards work. Depending on your yacht membership tier level, you purchase a certain amount of YachtPoints to use each year. This ranges from a Robusto-level membership of 625 YachtPoints per year to our highest Churchill membership tier that gets a member 2,500 points to use. YachtPoints are exchanged for days on the water (rather than hours in the sky like in our private jet comparison). As you might imagine, bigger boats consume more points per day. And to keep things simple, YachtPoints cover everything: the cost of the yacht and the crew; the taxes, fuel, and docking costs; and even the crew tips. The only thing guests pay for on an Exclusive Yachts trip are the provisions, and those can also be quoted in YachtPoints. At higher tiers of membership, we can even work with our private jet partners to quote and offer private flights in YachtPoints.

Can members select which yacht they’ll be sailing on? Yes. Your dedicated Exclusive Yachts Concierge will often offer several different vessels that fit the desired experience and specific requests so that members can make a choice. Or you might have a go-to yacht that you’ve cruised on before and would like to request again. So long as a vessel isn’t already reserved, and so long as a member has enough YachtPoints to cover it, members can select their vessels of choice.

How many guests can members bring on a day cruise? Due to international maritime regulations and Coast Guard laws, most yachts are limited to just 12 guests when on a trip—even if the vessel can easily carry or sleep more guests. A majority of Exclusive Yachts max out at this 12-guest capacity number. A few vessels in our fleet carry fewer than 12 guests due to size restrictions; this includes our 37-foot Sea Ray or our 43-foot Cruisers Yacht that carry up to eight and nine guests, respectively. In a few rare cases, a yacht as large as 80 feet is restricted to fewer than 12 guests when picking up at various public docks, such as Naples City Dock.

Can members enjoy their yacht overnight? Yes. Depending on the vessel chosen and the experience requested, we accommodate overnight trips all the time. Members can enjoy our vessels for a full-day trip or a sunset cruise (half-day rate), or they may opt for a two- to three-day trip through the Keys. We have a few vessels in the 40- to 70-foot range that can sleep guests overnight, while a few of those vessels may do multi-day trips but send the guests to on-shore accommodations for the overnight. We also have members traveling aboard vessels between 90 and 115 feet on five- and six-night trips in the Bahamas and Caribbean, where they sleep between 10 to 12 guests overnight. 

Where do you set sail from? Our home port is here in Naples, FL, and we can set sail from surrounding Southwest Florida areas such as Marco Island, Sarasota, and Tampa or St. Petersburg. We have vessels located on the southeast Florida coast, including in Palm Beach Gardens, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami.

Additionally, we accommodate our members on luxury yachts of all sizes in the Bahamas, throughout the Caribbean, and up in the northeast over the summer (think Newport, RI, Martha’s Vineyard, and even Maine!). Our intent is to expand soon to the Pacific Southwest, the Pacific Northwest, and the Mediterranean.

Can a membership be purchased on behalf of a business? Yes! In fact, an Exclusive Yachts membership is ideal for corporate entertaining. Imagine a full day at sea with key clients or colleagues and the meaningful conversations that can unfold in such an inspiring setting. We begin offering corporate memberships at our Presidente level of membership (mid-tier). Compare it to what companies shell out for corporate entertainment, and it’s a no brainer. A yacht is the perfect spot for hosting a sales presentation, dazzling key clients, holding an executive offsite, or rewarding top performers at your company. 

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