Scouted Makers in the East, South, & Texas You Should Know About

This group of Scouted makers in the East, South, and Texas is making waves in the world of handcrafted goods, from custom-made furniture to high-end apothecary items. Support these artisans by purchasing their unique products and touting their talents far and wide. To find more makers in your area, consult The Scout Guide Directory.

Megan Clifton, owner of 
Gather Goods of in Fort Worth, in The Scout Guide Fort Worth sitting
Photography by Jason Kindig.

Gather Goods

Fort Worth, Texas
From statement making necklaces to beautiful bolos, Megan Clifton creates one-of-a-kind, handcrafted jewelry that adds the perfect dose of personality and color to any outfit.

Leisa Stanton, owner of Papermaple Studio in New Orleans, Louisiana,   standing in her studio
Photography by Laura Steffan Photography.

Papermaple Studio

New Orleans, Louisiana
Leisa Stanton, owner of Papermaple Studio, is doing something very special in her sewing studio, tucked away in the quiet part of the French Quarter. Amidst her neon lights, chandeliers, and colorful fabrics, you can learn to sew from Leisa, a couture master who personally creates exceptional custom pieces for her clients.

Clint Moore and Erika Baczak, makers and partners of Spruce Upholstery, sitting in their studio in Austin, Texas
Photography by Megan Bucknall.

Spruce Upholstery

Austin, Texas
Austin’s foremost upholstery and design house leads with the belief that no piece of furniture is too far from recovery. The design firm redeems damaged and used items, strips them to the frame and reupholster them with one of their thousands of modern colorful fabrics that hang floor to ceiling upon entry to their studio.

Mavis E. Hicks, founder of Mavology in Houston, Texas, sitting on a couch
Photography by Chevelle Taylor.


Houston, Texas
Mavology creates thoughtfully made luxury skincare, with a focus on self care and total body wellness. Their products focus on emotional health as well as outer beauty.

Gillian Valentine group sitting outside in Charlottesville, Virginia
Photography by Jen Fariello.

Gillian Valentine

Gordonsville, Virginia
Gillian Valentine creates bespoke pajamas, loungewear, and home goods using organic cotton and original designs created by artists from around the world. Their whimsical goods are hand sewn right in their storefront in Gordonsville and are sure to bring a smile to your face.

Nat Browning, owner Of Great Value in Virginia Beach, Virginia
Photography by Zoë Grant.

Of Great Value

Virginia Beach, Virginia
Nat Browning creates unique and collectable handmade jewelry with the mission to remind its wearer of their value in this world.

Makers and founders of Mojana Soaps in Huntsville, Alabama, standing by a table with soaps
Photography by White Rabbit Studios.

Mojana Soaps

Huntsville, Alabama
An olfactory delight, Mojana Soaps create little works of art in the form of soap. Their vegan bath and body goods are bright and beautiful enough to give as gifts or keep to enjoy yourself.

Madeline Walton, maker and owner of Purely Porcelain in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania standing next to her work
Photography by Lexy Pierce.

Purely Porcelain

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Purely Porcelain has a stunning array of porcelain ceramic knots that look amazing either on a coffee table or as a full wall installation.

Owners and makers Shaen and Ric Goetsch of Perfectly Natural Soap in Williamsburg, Virginia, standing in their store
Photography by Sara Harris.

Perfectly Natural Soap

Williamsburg, Virginia
As a result of having a child with severe skin allergies, owners and makers Shaen and Ric Goetsch began creating all-natural soaps and other bath products using plant-based oils, essential oils, natural fragrances, and botanical extracts.

Alexis Martinez Puleio, owner of Custom Art by Alexis in Naples, Florida, standing in front of her work.
Photography by Audrey Snow Owen.

Custom Art by Alexis

Naples, Florida
From artisan cheese boards, to custom cufflinks and jewelry, Alexis Martinez Puleio creates handmade resin pieces inspired by the ocean.

Natalie Castillo, owner of Bellow Tallow in Tryon, North Carolina, sitting in her shop.
Photography by Christina Chavez Photography.

Bello Tallow

Tryon, North Carolina
This unique approach to clean and sustainable skincare uses American Grassfed Association tallow. Free of plastics and chemicals, rich in nutrients, ethical and sustainably made, these products are skin saviors.

The makers of Ryan Eure Designs group standing outside their store in Williamsburg. Virginia
Photography by Sara Harris.

Ryan Eure Designs

Williamsburg, Virginia
A precious metal jewelry artist, Ryan specializes in wire weaving and only uses the finest silver and gold wires to make his stunning pieces.

Caleb Lawson, owner and artisan of Lawson Design in Canton, North Carolina, working in his shop
Photography by Anastasiia Photography.

Lawson Design

Canton, North Carolina
Lawson’s concrete artisan designs for furniture, counters, bathtubs and more, are unique due to their fusion of functionality and artistic craftsmanship. The use of concrete offers durability and versatility, while their design approach adds a touch of aesthetic elegance, making each piece a distinctive blend of practicality and artistry in a home or commercial space.

Heather Williams, owner of HW Handcrafted Art in Hattiesburg. Mississippi, sitting in a room
Photography by Lauren and Alexis Photo.

HW Handcrafted Art

Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Unique and statement-making, Heather Williams creates multi-media pieces out of materials like resin, concrete, selenite and wood, that add a very chic aesthetic to anyone’s home. We are especially fond of her selenite sculptures and concrete vessels.

Mirth Candle Co in Gulf Shores, Alabama, candles outside on a beach
Photography courtesy of Mirth Candle Co.

Mirth Candle Co.

Gulf Shores, Alabama
Made of pure soy, coconut, apricot wax, and toxin-free, these handcrafted and hand-poured candles are not only works of art but also aid in supporting the community. A percentage of proceeds go to help families and children in need.

Katie Monse, owner of Magnolia Mercantile in Houston, Texas, painting a hat
Photography by Lauren Holub.

Magnolia Mercantile

Houston, Texas
Inspired by her time in Wyoming and love for all things vintage, Katie Monsen created Magnolia Mercantile, a traveling hat bar and boutique. Her custom hats include sourced vintage materials, adding a touch of old to your something new.

Image of pitcher created by maker Kaminer Hairlip in Charleston, South Carolina
Photography by Paul Cheney.

Kaminer Haislip

Charleston, South Carolina 
Offering heirloom jewelry pieces, home objects, and commissions, maker Kaminer Haislip is a master silversmith who offers the utmost attention to detail and quality with her creations.

Deb Schaffer, maker and owner of Enchanted Botanicals in Lovettsville, Virginia, standing outside in Hunt Country, Virginia
Photography by Ronda Ann Gregorio.

Enchanted Botanicals

Lovettsville, Virginia
Energy sprays, diffusers, infusers, and more, owner Deb Schaffer creates products that lift the spirits, engage the senses and create an overall wonderful sensory experience for anyone who purchases her magical goods.

Gather Goods appears in The Scout Guide Fort Worth. Papermaple Studio appears in The Scout Guide New Orleans. Spruce Upholstery appears in The Scout Guide Austin. Mavology appears in The Scout Guide Houston. Gillian Valentine appears in The Scout Guide Charlottesville. Of Great Value appears in The Scout Guide Tidewater. Mojana Soaps appears in The Scout Guide Huntsville. Purely Porcelain appears in The Scout Guide Main Line & Philadelphia. Perfectly Natural Soap appears in The Scout Guide Williamsburg & The Chesapeake Bay. Custom Art by Alexis appears in The Scout Guide Naples. Bello Tallow appears in The Scout Guide Asheville & Western North Carolina. Ryan Eure Designs appears in The Scout Guide Williamsburg & The Chesapeake Bay. Lawson Design appears in The Scout Guide Asheville & Western North Carolina. HW Handcrafted Art appears in The Scout Guide Hattiesburg. Mirth Candle Co. appears in The Scout Guide Gulf Coast Alabama. Magnolia Mercantile appears in The Scout Guide Houston. Kaminer Haislip appears in The Scout Guide Beaufort & Bluffton. Enchanted Botanicals appears in The Scout Guide Hunt Country.