Scout is Out!

Editor & Owner Stacey Leuliette and Associate Editor Marina Jube

We are so excited to share volume 2 with you! This guide is a celebration of all the people behind the exceptional businesses in Nantucket. The entrepreneurs, makers and artists who have followed their passions and made a commitment to our community. It is our hope that this book will inspire discovery and help you engage with the people and places on Nantucket on a deeper level and in so doing, helps you inhale your life and your community to the fullest! I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all the businesses that appear in the pages of these guides. It is an Honor to be an advocate, ambassador and advocate for you and I can’t wait to share more about you in the coming year!

Melanie Gowen and Editor & Owner Stacey LeulietteEditor & Owner Stacey Leuliette & Edie Van Breems of Eleish Van BreemsEditor & Owner Stacey Leuliette and Beth English of Current VintageCelebrating on the steps of Eleish Van Breems