Meet Jaime of James Studio Designs

Learn about Nantucket through the businesses on island! This week, we caught up with Jaime of @james_studio_interiors to ask her a few questions! 

TSG: : So Jaime, tell us about what you do?

Jamie: At James Studio Designs, we do interior design! We offer consulting for full rooms, new builds, and renovations. 

TSG: What do you work with/ prefer to work with?

Jaime: We love all of our clients, but especially start to finish clients! New builds/renovations are always exciting because you get to help in every aspect of the process.

TSG: What is your connection with Nantucket?

Jaime: I grew up on the cape & have always been a “Nantucket” girl. I then had the opportunity to transfer to Ralph Lauren for a summer (I spent 5 years post college working for RL). It left a BIG impression on my heart & continues to stay a special place to me. Now we get to work on projects on island, and spend more time visiting.

TSG: What advice do you have for people looking to hire an interior designer? 

Jaime: Trust the designer. There are a lot of options out there, sometimes too many. If you trust one another and know the designer is listening to your needs, you will see it in the outcome of your project.

TSG: Tell us about your favorite places on Nantucket

Jaime: I always crave @LemonPressNantucket The Midnight & @Provisions BLT. I love going to @Slip14 @treebarnantucket & @sandjetties. My must stops are @bartlettsfarm truck for tomatoes, @ciscobrewers for a blue hair lady, @thelovely to stock up on maxi dresses (Julie has the best options & it’s a joy to see her), @RalphLauren to say hi to my former manager & see beautiful vintage pieces, @28CentrePointe for fun home accessories & art, and @GraceGeier to visit my girl Nellie who has the best cashmere, witty beaded clutches & my fave dress line (you’ll know it when you try it). My favorite beach will always be Madaket, but Sconset is on my bucket list!


TSG: What are your eye candy design spots?

Jaime: @lifehousehotels boutique hotel is to die for. Everything in it is what I love about being a designer (I haven’t been to Faraway yet, but I bet it’s just as dreamy). @GreydonHouse paint colors make me drool & the molding details are SO Nantucket. And @EleishVanBreemsHome for all my Swedish cravings, their collection of product is to die for.


Thanks for taking the time to talk with #TSGNantucket! What questions do you have for James Studio-Residential Interiors?