Nantucket Gift Guide

Celebrate the essence of the season! While our commitment to backing local businesses remains unwavering throughout the year, there’s a distinct charm in championing them during the gift-giving season. Delightfully curate your holiday shopping with our expertly fashioned gift guide, designed to effortlessly mark off everyone on your list, yourself included. ‘Tis the moment to share happiness, and we’ve curated just the enchanting elements to make it a truly magical season!

1. Enewton 14k Gold and Diamond Cross Necklace from Bodega

2. Galaxy of Love by Carol Callichio

3. Private Chef Dinner for 12 by Colin Van Coyle

4. Dreamland Annual Membership

5. Weekend Getaway at Faraway Nantucket

6. Gift Card for Rejuvenating Treatments from Glistn

7. Weekend at Hotel Pippa featuring gift cards to Island Kitchen and Bar Yoshi

8. Stocking with Local Favorites: Gift Card to Lemon Press, Nantucket Crisps and Nantucket Bake Shop Goodies

9. Landscapes by Nathan Coe

10. Jewels from Susie Lister Locke “Seaquin” Collection

11. Personalized Organization with Neat Knack

12. Spyder Wright Silver Watch

13. Donate to Nantucket Historical Association