Live Your Legacy with Leavell Investments

Leavell Investments Alabama Financial Advisor

Leavell Investments has been committed to helping clients live their legacies for over 40 years. They are located here in Mobile, Alabama, and also have a team in Birmingham. Leavell uses a firm-based approach, giving each client a specific team built around them to help them set their goals while also educating them in investments and financial planning. For five consecutive years, they have been a CNBC Top 100 Financial Advisory Firm in the United States, last year ranking #4 in the country and #1 in Alabama. As a “fee-only” independent advisory firm, they are not affiliated with any other banks or accounting firms but pride themselves on always acting in a fiduciary capacity when providing investment advice and discussing strategies with their clients. Below we hear from some of their team members and what they feel it means to “Live Your Legacy”.


 Robin Hanes, CFP Investment Counselor

“Our role as a financial investment firm is to come alongside clients, find out what’s important to them, and help them accomplish those goals. So living a legacy means being able to invest time in relationships, spending time with family, and being able to pass along character and values. We focus on the things that are important to our clients so that they can invest their lives in what matters the most.”


John Wade Therrell, CFP Investment Counselor

Most clients and prospects come in and ask: “How do I put a plan in place to create this legacy?” What I think is lost sometimes is the ability to see the fruits of your labor while you’re still alive. Through proper planning, executing a plan, and commitment, clients can see their legacy before they pass. This is something we’ve been trying to foster with clients since 1979.


Andrew Grinstead Portfolio Manager, Chief Executive Officer

Living your legacy is establishing the principles and the values that you want for your life now. Building portfolios and plans around those values and those principles so that you stay true to them, irrespective of what tomorrow may bring.

Edward Northfleet, CFA Portfolio Manager

We at Leavell are here to free you from learning and managing your investment portfolio so that you can spend your time living your legacy, whatever that may be.


Janet Hayes Investment Counselor

At Leavell, we’ve been committed to helping clients live their legacy for over four decades and the consistency and the focus is always the same. Do the right thing for the client. They have hired us to be their successor, to do what we do best while they have focused on building wealth. We take that seriously, and we take joy and pride in moving that forward as they determine their legacy.


Richard Stimpson, Investment Counselor, Chairman

Leavell is now over 40 years old so the fourth generation is being born into some of our family client relationships. We are very involved with the family dynamics, as well as the financial dynamics. It is not about us living our legacy so much as we are living the legacy with our clients.

Tom Leavell Portfolio Manager, Founder

Legacy is caring for what you’ve created in your lifetime, whether it be family or assets or investments or whatever it is. Living a legacy is really just an extension of the success that one has, and we play a role in that.

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