Find your Vacation Style with 7 South

Taking a trip means leaving all your worries behind. A time to reset and experience new things, it is a time when you can do what you want and more importantly… wear what you want.

So, what is your vacation style? Does traveling give you an excuse to sleep late and be as comfortable as possible at all times? Do you like to blend into your surroundings and dress like a local? Are you adventurous and sporty, looking for every opportunity to exercise or try something new? Or is traveling your favorite time to dress up and show off those outfits you have been saving for something special?

At 7 South, owners Beth Lee and Jody Donald offer an incredible variety of items. We’ve carefully selected some of our favorite styles to match your travel personality, just in time for Spring Break and Summer Vacations. (All photos are linked below!)

Laid Back Leisure

Who said comfort means you have to lack style? Traveling is a time to rest and reset, sleep late and relax with casual clothes you never want to take off.

Adventure Awaits in Activewear

When traveling to you means exercise, fresh air, long runs, snorkeling, hiking, zip-lining, kayaking and really anything to be active, feeling good is always in style.

Looking Like A Local

No one wants to be that typical tourist when traveling who sticks out like a sore thumb. A casual yet chic style to blend into the surroundings is always a great approach to vacation style.

Dress to Impress

When a vacation takes you somewhere special why not feel special? Bring on all the fashion moments we can’t have at home!

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