Connecting Professionals with Fit Recruiting: Testimonials

Laura Griffith (left), Chambliss Brister, and Anna Middleton

In the bustling world of recruitment, finding the right fit for both employers and job seekers can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. That’s where Fit comes in—a professional recruiting firm that’s been making waves in the realms of Accounting, Information Technology, Office Administration, Engineering, and Executive Searches. We caught up with five working professionals who have experienced Fit’s magic, either for themselves or within their businesses. Their testimonials not only speak to Fit’s expertise but also to their unwavering commitment to understanding the unique needs of their clients.

Matthew Harvey, CPA – Smith, Dukes & Buckalew

“During my experience with Fit Recruiting, I found their approach to job placement very impressive. They have a professional and detail-oriented process that ensures their clients receive the best candidates possible to fill positions. They apply their motto of finding the right Fit to each job placement and truly enjoy getting to know their candidates. Starting a new job is normally a stressful process but my experience with Fit left me feeling prepared and excited for my new position.”

Matthew Harvey

Frances Hurley- Mobile Bay Magazine

“The remarkable team at Fit Recruiting truly transformed my job-hunting journey into a delightful experience! Their unparalleled dedication and expertise not only made the process enjoyable but also ensured that I secured a position tailored to my personality and skills.”

Frances Hurley

Ree Segars, Merchants Transfer Co.

“After moving to Baldwin County in January 2022, I spent 8 months looking for job on my own. In October Chambliss Brister, Managing Partner at Fit Recruiting, reached out to me about a possible position. Since she had helped place me in an incredible job in Birmingham, I knew she understood exactly what I was looking for. In November 2022, I started in a job that checked all of the boxes. Fit Recruiting knows what employers are looking for in candidates and is able to match them up perfectly.”

Ree Segars

Chad Slaton- Air Engineers 

“First, I worked with Fit Recruiting when they had a specific yet, long-vacant position to fill with Air Engineers. Because of my background, FIT knew that I would have qualified references to give and reached out to me for ideal prospects.  Long story short, I ended up being the ideal fit. FIT is exemplary at matching talent and providing long term employment for their clients and candidates. After my success, Air Engineers has continued to use FIT Recruiting when hiring for key positions. They have continually provided unmatched talent that fits our needs and we will continue to use them as we grow.

Chad Slaton

Richard Whitehurst- TechLine International

“Techline grew its revenues 40% last year, and we expect to grow another 30% this year.  That kind of growth takes a great professional staff, and approximately one-third of the professionals in Techline’s Alabama offices came from FIT Recruiting.  They are very responsive when we have a need and they do a great job vetting the candidates.  It’s like having an in-house HR department. They also placed me here at Techline, so I am exceedingly appreciative of the work they do for both the candidate and the employer.”

Richard Whitehurst

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