An Elevated Rental Experience the Roxy Way with Roxy Rentals

JJ of Roxy Rentals sits on a cabinet in an orange and purple floral sweater with jeans and light colored boots on

Photo by @annakophoto

A perfectly positioned vase filled with beautiful blooms, a pantry brimming with delicious snacks, stunning art, a thoughtful welcome gift. Most of us walk into our Airbnb or Vrbo putting little thought into how these extra special touches show up, but when you book with Roxy Rentals, Furnished Luxury Homes for short and mid-term rentals, do you know who does? Managing partner and curator extraordinaire, JJ Hornig. And we wouldn’t be the first, or last, to tell you it’s so much more than thought; it’s care and heartfelt planning, impeccable style and the uncanny knack for knowing what will make you feel right at home. And JJ pours an extra large glass of this luxury and love into every property experience she offers. 

JJ was born and raised in New York and has a background in Public Relations and Hospitality. In 2012, before she and her husband, Hadley, moved back to his home state of Minnesota, JJ’s first Airbnb experience was with an apartment in Murray Hill in New York City. She found that she couldn’t keep up with the demand, unearthing the exciting realization that this could be her reimagining. Since she was already working full-time, it was put on the back burner, but fast forward to 2020, when the treadmill of life was halted for all, it felt like the opportune moment to get into the STR (Short-Term Rental) game –  a decision that proved to be spot-on. First a business name had to be established and if you think that a 4-legged ball of furry cuteness named Roxy would be the perfect face of a business, you’d be right. It was official. Roxy Rentals was ‘Ready to Roxy.’ 

“We don’t want to just be heads in beds,” JJ shares, which is why when you step into one of her properties, you instantly feel at home. And what’s that other feeling? It’s unrecognizable to many these days… oh… carefree. Not only will you feel safe nestled in one of her opulent escapes, JJ vets each neighborhood and even some neighbors before purchasing a property, but everything you need (and want) is there for you to enjoy. A beverage cart filled with locally crafted drinks, a tended to lawn or snow removed if necessary, chic furnishings, Gucci wallpaper, yep, you heard us right. It’s almost as if these elevated spaces were meticulously adorned by a Mary Poppins of sorts, bringing order and fun, or a magical mind reader who knows exactly what you want and need before you even know it.

Interior photograph of a living and dining room in one of Roxy Rentals properties

Given that the thread of reimagining is weaved through every step of Roxy Rentals’ journey, it’s no surprise that JJ is offering a new experience –  this time a shopping experience that includes browsing and purchasing items seen in many Roxy Rentals’ properties. Do you love the colorful painting on the wall in the bedroom, or are you dying to know the brand of that soft bedding? Now you can shop Roxy Rentals’ looks through this Amazon Storefront. JJ wants you to walk into one of her six properties (including one in Florida named “The Lost Loon”) and have that feeling of “awe!” and now you can have that similar feeling at home when you shop your stay. Speaking of awe, bookmark this customized page, created in partnership with affiliates through Minoan, where you can specifically shop her “Luxe Leisure at Logan” property *adds Classic Turkish Cotton Towels  to cart*.

Interior photograph of the kitchen in one of Roxy Rentals properties

Also underway for 2024, Roxy Rentals is introducing a marketplace where you can easily book additional services right on the website. Would you like to hire a private chef, photographer, videographer, hair or makeup artist or even a masseuse? She’s got you covered!  And her Chic Retreat property in Plymouth is getting a stylish makeover including a brand new bathroom, captivating artwork and some other really exciting additions she can’t wait for you to experience. As a partner in your rental journey, JJ strives to take the stigma out of the word, “landlord.” She wants to captivate you with a charming experience, provide you with delightful surprises around every corner, and leave you spellbound, just like the work of a skilled magician… or a magic carpet bag. 

If you’re Ready to Roxy, use code scoutguide20 for 20% off your stay when you book March 1st through March 31st, 2024.