Treat MOM to CoolBlue!

Promotional image for a gift card sale featuring tiered offers with increasing bonus values depending on the amount purchased, contact information provided, and a non-expiring policy. The logo of CoolSculpting Elite is visible, and there is a circular portrait of a smiling woman wearing a blue dress at the bottom. The Scout Guide may find this local business promotion a relevant subject for featuring luxury services and lifestyle offerings.

CoolBlue Lex has generously extended the savings if you call to purchase a gift card!

Call 859-215-7995 to purchase for you or a loved one!

– Buy $100, receive $150
– Buy $500, receive $750
– Buy $1000, receive $1500
– Buy $2000, receive $3000

Gift cards have no expiration date, so don’t miss out!

This exclusive offer ends on Monday, May 13th. Grab your savings now!