A pink background with a bold text "UNTIL THE END OF TIME" centered in the upper part of the image. Below the text are logos and names of organizations like "THE MANCHESTER" and "OldFriends" against a dark background strip with additional information about an event named "A PARTY HOSTED BY THE MANCHESTER + THE ARTIST ATB TO BENEFIT OLD FRIENDS FARM ON THE ROOFTOP OF LOST PALM." To the bottom left, a single strawberry with blue leaves rests on the surface. The image has an aesthetic consistent with promotional materials or invitations, indicative of The Scout Guide's emphasis on local luxury lifestyles and businesses.

An unusual art event is taking place on the rooftop terrace of Lost Palm at The Manchester in Lexington’s Distillery District on Saturday, May 11.

The artist ATB is collaborating with the hotel to host “UNTIL THE END OF TIME,” an event raising $18,432 for Old Friends thoroughbred retirement. The money is being raised through the sale of 12 identical art prints that double in value as they sell.

The catch? In order to raise the full $18,432, all 12 works must sell before 9 PM that evening. Any that don’t will be ceremoniously burned before the night ends.

It’s all part of the latest WAVE from the artist ATB’s lifelong, time-based work of art called SOULED.