Become a TSG Voice of Huntsville

What is TSG Voices of Huntsville?

The TSG Voices of Huntsville is awarded to a local resident of Huntsville, Madison County, Madison City, Decatur, and surrounding areas to share your very own Voice of Huntsville with the TSG Huntsville audience. It will appear in various forms on our website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Becoming a Voice of Huntsville will allow you to share your creative passion and your unique perspective about what you absolutely love—your art, your videos, your words, your photography with all of Huntsville.


TSG Voices of Huntsville Guidelines 

You can tell your story in three different formats:

You can choose your voice and the manner in which you want to share your ideas with the TSG audience:

PhotoBlog: up to 10 pictures with captions —or a decaptych of artwork with captions.

Prose Blog: You can write an essay of (1,200 words or less) with additional supportive photos.

Video Essay or Vlog: You can share an edited video that is no longer than 5 minutes, or series of videos with a max of 10 segments and a total no longer than 5 minutes.

Suggested Topics

 Suggested subjects:

What you love about Huntsville/this part of Alabama

A day in the life of you

A special event or a history of

A how-to

A series in a theme (water, a color, a season or holiday)

Your own original idea!

Most importantly choose something that speaks to and that you are passionate about!

The Scout Guide Huntsville supports and highlights local small businesses and the faces behind them. We fill our social feeds with beauty, knowledge, and energy about our surrounding communities. The Voices of Huntsville feature is not intended to support or promote a business but rather share lifestyle content that our audience will find interesting. We reserve the right to select and/or deny any submissions for any reason.  

Do you have a talent, art, or viewpoint that needs to be showcased for all of Huntsville to see? Well, this is your chance to become a featured post on The Scout Guide Huntsville social media; we want to hear from you!

Apply here!

Once you’re application is accepted, you will be notified by email and details and deadlines established for your content. Your final submission will be as follows:

Submission Requirements

Biography -3-5 sentence bio about yourself that will introduce you to our audience

Video – .mp4 video of 1080p or 720p resolution

Text – 1200 words or less submitted in Word, Google doc, InDesign, Pages files can all be accepted

Photos – JPEG file preferred 150-200dpi (ie. 6” W x 4” H would be 1200 x 800 pixels)

When you have been selected as the TSG Voice on Huntsville for a day’s feature you are acknowledging that you have not and will not receive anything of value from any business or businesses that you may be promoting or featuring. Also, upon submitting photos, artwork, etc., you are granting The Scout Guide Huntsville permission to use these items on our social media accounts, but you will retain any and all of your rights to your own material.

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