Interiors: Soothing Sanctuaries

Home is where the heart is, and also should be where you are most comfortable and relaxed. We value the impact that good interior design has on your mood.

In an article titled “Can You Decorate and Clean Your Way to Happiness? Science Says Yes” featured on, Lindsay T. Graham, PhD, a research specialist at the Center for the Built Environment at the University of California at Berkeley, CA said, “Our homes can be incredibly important tools for shaping our daily experiences … how they’re organized, decorated and furnished can be curated to evoke a varied palette of feelings,” as well as “serve as a form of emotional regulation.”

We reached out to a few of our interior designer members to showcase work that they have done that embodies the idea of your home being a soothing sanctuary.

Nicole Culler, owner of Nicole Culler Interiors:

Nicole understands the true meaning of a soothing sanctuary. She leans towards soft blues and warm neutrals that generate a sense of calm. We love the classic design that Nicole uses, as well as the pops of modern fabrics and paintings. Any one of these spaces would be the perfect place to relax.

Isabella Migliarese, owner of Theodore B. Interiors:

Rightfully coined the Sunlight Chalet, this home located in Highlands, North Carolina features stunning floor to ceiling windows that look over the serene mountain views. The client wanted this home to feel like a retreat with a little bit of a funky edge. Isabella chose modern styles and classic colors to achieve the request of the client. The wide open spaces allow for lots of light and room, but the decor makes it feel comfortable and cozy.