Discover Denver: Meet Raechel Hoss, owner of The Local Parlor, and her local loves

Explore Denver’s vibrant spirit through the lens of Raechel Hoss, owner of The Local Parlor. Uncover hidden gems, cherished spots, and beloved experiences in this candid Q&A series, unveiling the heart and soul of the city from her unique perspective. To discover more local Denver business owners, visit The Scout Guide Denver Directory.

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Number of years here in Denver: 16

Please share your Denver story. What brought you here? I lived in FL for 22 years and I was ready for a change and wanted to own boots and coats! My dad’s side of family comes from CO, so after a visit with my brothers and their families in 2006, it seemed like the perfect place to move.

Favorite thing about the town. Please elaborate: My favorite thing about Denver is it’s full of transplants all wanting the same quality of life and making it a city of (mostly) like-minded people. The people here care about the environment and do not take nature for granted. I also love the constant change. I heard once “If you don’t like the weather here, give it a day or 2”. I honestly couldn’t live anywhere else with winters, I LOVE sunshine, especially when it quickly melts the snow!

Favorite Season and why: The warm ones haha… but probably Spring because I love watching the color and life return to all the plants and trees. The thunderstorms remind me of Florida too.

Neighborhood / side of town: I am obviously partial to Washington Park area since I have lived and worked in it for so long. It’s really centrally located and I love the old trees and history of the neighborhood.

Place for a drink: Reiver’s! It’s right next door to The Local Parlor and I always see a familiar face.

Restaurant for:

  • Breakfast: Lucille’s
  • Lunch: Little Carmine’s
  • Special night out: Tavernetta
  • Comfort food: Asian Cajun
  • Hang out: Campus Inn
  • Late-night: Candlelight Tavern
  • International: Ni Tuyo
  • Bakery: Devils Food Bakery
  • Coffee Shop and / or Juice Bar: Ink!
  • Take out / Delivery: Fat Sully’s

Event in the area (share as many as you’d like):

  • Day trip: Putzing around Golden
  • Road for a scenic drive: RMNP
  • Outdoor adventure: Dispersed camping + hiking around collegiate peaks
  • Winery: Sienna Wine Bar
  • Brewery: Denver Beer CO
  • Summer Activity: Night golf at Harvard Gulch
  • Farmer’s Market: Pearl Street Farmer’s Market


  • Hair: The Local Parlor!!!
  • Spa: Beer Spa
  • Vet: Park Animal & Wellness
  • Dentist: Metropolitan Dental

Music venue: Red Rocks

Please feel free to add any favorites or special TOWN moments we may have missed.

Best Value Sports Ticket: DU hockey

Pet Store: Chuck and Don’s

Raechel Hoss is the owner of The Local Parlor | 1093 S. Gaylord St | 303-282-5252