Ludowici: Enduring Beauty

If you have yet to stop by the Ludowici showroom in the Design District, we would highly recommend paying a visit to quite possibly the chicest showroom space in the area. The Ludowici brand has been associated with unmatched quality and endless inspiration for over 130 years, and the beautiful Dallas showroom and impressive selection of products on display are no exception to this. Drawing from his 400-year-old Italian family history tied to expertly crafted clay roof tiles, Carl Ludowici founded the company in 1888. Today, the distinctive terra cotta products are made in New Lexington, Ohio and are revered worldwide for their distinctive look and sustainable, long-lasting beauty.

The Ludowici team notes that “when choosing the finishes for your home, the roofing material may be one of the most important decisions you make. The roof generally makes up more than 50% of a home’s curb appeal. And selecting the right look is equally as important as choosing a material that will stand up over decades, even centuries of weather, protecting your most valuable asset – your home.”

So what makes Ludowici terra cotta the safest choice for any climate – be it the Texas heat or the snowy mountains of Colorado? “When it comes to weather performance, not all tile is the same,” states Rob Wehr, VP of Business Development at Ludowici. “The clay composition of our tile creates an ultimate breaking strength able to resist high wind stresses experienced during extreme weather events. When properly installed, Ludowici terra-cotta tiles can sustain high winds, fires, moisture, salt intrusion and more.” Long story short, poor quality tile is a poor investment. “There is nothing affordable about continuously having to replace tile after a storm, and you will never be able to replace your time or your personal belongings.”

While the roof tiles’ fire-resistance, high wind uplift capacity, low moisture absorbency and 75-year material warranty are all incredibly important and appealing, we get EXTRA excited over the impressive range of color choices available. From “Empire Green” to “Fireflash Impressionist” to “Barcelona Buff,” you will certainly find a perfect hue for your home in the rainbow-array of selections on offer. On the small chance that you cannot seem to find the exact shade, you can work with Ludowici to create custom colors and textures. Whether you are a builder, architect, designer or homeowner, stop by the showroom to say hello and peruse the gorgeous products!

Ludowici Dallas Design Center
133 Manufacturing Street
Dallas, Texas 75207

Phone:  214.253.8203
Email:  [email protected]

Monday – Friday:  8:30AM to 4:30PM
Saturday & Sunday – by appointment only