Local Getaways: Exclusive Staycations for Spring Break

As the spring season approaches, the allure of a getaway beckons, offering a chance to unwind, rejuvenate, and create lasting memories. Amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, escaping to a nearby retreat becomes an enticing prospect. In this article, we explore three exclusive staycation destinations, each offering a unique blend of luxury, charm, and serenity. Whether you’re a solo traveler seeking tranquility, a couple in search of intimacy, or a family yearning for quality time together, these local gems promise an unforgettable escape. Join us as we journey through Hotel LeVeque, The Timbrook Guesthouse, and The Welsh Hills Inn, where celestial elegance, charming intimacy, and serene luxury await.

Hotel LeVeque: Where Luxury Meets Celestial Elegance

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Nestled within Downtown Columbus’s heart, Hotel LeVeque epitomizes luxury and history within the iconic LeVeque Tower. Constructed in 1927 by renowned architect C. Howard Crane, this art deco masterpiece has long symbolized elegance in the Columbus skyline. What sets Hotel LeVeque apart is not just the tower’s grandeur but the celestial theme infused throughout every guest experience, inspired by its original purpose as a beacon of light and hope.

A Celestial Sanctuary

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Step into their lobby adorned with celestial motifs and starlight, setting the tone for a transcendent experience. Each of their 149 guest rooms exudes celestial splendor with custom furnishings and locally curated amenities. Their signature starry turndown service further elevates the experience, transforming rooms into sanctuaries of celestial beauty. Soft lighting and ambient projections of the night sky create a tranquil ambiance, ensuring a restful night’s sleep amid plush amenities.

Insider Tips for a Memorable Stay

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  • Indulge in The Keep Manhattan: Featuring their in-house barrel-aged bourbon, this signature cocktail is the epitome of sophistication and indulgence.
  • Dine at The Keep Kitchen: With its open kitchen concept, enjoy front-row seats as talented chefs prepare delectable dishes.
  • Explore the Scioto Mile: Just steps away, indulge in a leisurely stroll along this scenic riverfront for moments of tranquility and connection.

Experience Celestial Luxury at Hotel LeVeque

The Timbrook Guesthouse: Charming Intimacy in Every Detail

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The Timbrook Guesthouse offers a charming and intimate atmosphere, providing guests with a cozy retreat to unwind and reconnect. Nestled on four lush acres with gardens galore, their guesthouse ensures a pampered and indulgent stay for every visitor.

Cozy Retreat Amidst Nature

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Each of their well-appointed rooms sets the stage for singles, couples, or parents with kids to relax and rejuvenate. With beautiful packages to enhance your stay, indulge in the tranquility and serene environment of The Timbrook.

Insider Tips for a Memorable Getaway

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  • Disconnect and Reconnect: Upon arrival, let the tranquil surroundings help you disconnect from daily life and enjoy moments of relaxation.
  • Explore the Gardens: Wander through their gardens and find plenty of cozy sitting areas to enjoy moments of tranquility amidst nature.

Experience Charming Intimacy at The Timbrook Guesthouse

The Welsh Hills Inn: Where Serenity Meets Luxury

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Discover serenity amidst picturesque settings and personalized service at The Welsh Hills Inn. From luxurious suites to tranquil activities, every moment at their inn is crafted to create unforgettable experiences for all of their guests.

Tranquil Activities in a Serene Setting

Photography by The Welsh Hills Inn.

Indulge in the tranquility of the Berllan Glyn Grande Welsh Suite, where luxury meets serenity in every detail. From a luxurious bathroom with an Italian soaking tub to stargazing while soaking in the hot tub, every aspect is designed to enhance your getaway.

Insider Tips for a Truly Unforgettable Experience

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  • Add the Serenity and Relaxation Package: Enhance your stay with a 60-minute relaxation massage and indulgent amenities, including sparkling water, chocolates, and a lovely arrangement of seasonal flowers.
  • Explore the Grounds: Wander through 15 acres of gardens, ponds, and tree-lined trails or enjoy moments of relaxation on one of our many hammocks made for unwinding.

Experience Serenity at The Welsh Hills Inn

Plan your spring break getaway today and indulge in the luxury and charm of these exclusive staycation destinations.