7 Things Homewerk's Owner, Jen, is Loving This Month

Jen, the visionary behind Homewerk, isn’t just a mom, or a business owner; she’s a curator of lifestyle, wellness, and style. Here’s a peek into her current obsessions and inspirations that are shaping her world.

1. What I’m Gifting 

Imogene + Willie Bandanna

“I love sharing brands that resonate with me, and Imogene + Willie perfectly encapsulates heritage with a modern flair. This bandanna is a nod to authenticity, making it a thoughtful gift for my loved ones.”

2. What I’m Drinking 

Photography by Kismet Visuals

Homewerk Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie w/ Armra Colostrum

“Colostrum is my latest obsession, and incorporating it into my signature smoothie has become a daily ritual. It’s a delicious way to boost my immune system and indulge in a guilt-free treat. Join me for a class and try it out for yourself!”

3. What I’m Listening To 

Smartless Podcast

“Smartless adds a dose of entertainment to my daily routine. Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett’s banter is pure joy and makes even the most mundane tasks enjoyable.”

4. Where I’m Shopping 

Lele Sadoughi

“A luxurious headband is my go-to accessory, and Lele Sadoughi’s collection speaks to my love for vintage glamour. Currently eyeing their Rosewater Mixed Crystal Woven Knotted Headband.”

5. What I’m Reading

Wellness by Nathan Hill from The Book Loft

“At first glance, Wellness is not my kind of book. Why? It’s 650 pages of time that as a mom and studio owner – I don’t have. But this take on love and society’s obsession with improving almost every aspect of our lives has completely and utterly won me over as did The Book Loft.”

6. What I’m Using 

Bee Pollen and Propolis + Vitamin C

“After discovering Beekeeper’s Naturals, I’m hooked on their bee-derived products. Propolis is truly magical, and incorporating bee pollen and vitamin C into my daily routine has been a game-changer.”

7. What I’m Doing

Chiropractic Adjustments and Infrared Sauna at Advanced Wellness

“Self-care is non-negotiable for me, and combining chiropractic adjustments with infrared sauna sessions helps me recover and rejuvenate, ensuring I stay at the top of my game.”

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