8 Things Taren Kinebrew Is Loving Right Now

As ever the lovers of the people behind the small businesses we support, we want to recognize these individuals ultimately as excellent #Scouts themselves. We love to get to know each of them in this capacity and hope you do too! Plus, they themselves are excellent sources for recommendations local and beyond. Recently, we caught up with Taren Kinebrew to find out what she is really excited about these days. Taren shares her current favs, from what she’s working on, to what makes her proud, so take a minute to get to know Taren!

1. What I’m Doing

Taking a winter break for January, which is allowing me to plan and recoup after the holiday season.

2. What I’m Reading

I am reading the Bible in its entirety. It’s important for me to be close to God and hear his voice. Everything that I am is because of His guidance.

3. What I’m Watching

I am watching documentaries around gut health. I love food and want to understand more ways to eat well and share that with others.

4. What I’m Listening To

I am listening to smooth jazz to relax, like Samara Joy.

5. What I’m Eating

I am eating some great plant based inspired recipes that I have time to cook. I am experimenting with different types of mushrooms to help with my love of beef. I will say I am loving it while resetting my body and eating less meat overall.

6. What I’m Inspired By

I am inspired by my daughter. Watching her grow into womanhood and choose her career has been beautiful to watch. She graduates this year and can’t wait to see where she lands and how she takes on her next chapter. She inspires and reminds me to keep evolving.

7. Where I’m Going

I’m going abroad a couple of times this year and excited about the planning. Nothing like indulging in other cultures.

8. What I’m Proud Of

I am proud of this New Year of change and and the hard work I have put in. Opening a new location for starters and teaching at UC as an adjunct.

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Photos by Tasha Pinelo Photography