The Best Park and Ski Spots Near Boise

Winter is in full swing. The trails are covered with snow—perfect for skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports activities! Do you have your gear ready?

We cover the best park and ski spots in and around Boise. 

Whoop Um Up Trail

Boasting six miles of beginner to intermediate trails, the Whoop Um Up Trail is located just 18 miles north of Idaho City off Highway 21. It’s one of the trusted trails by cross-country skiers and snowshoers. You could even bring your dog for some fun snowshoeing activity.

Take caution as the trails can be rugged with a few downhill and steep sections near the creek trail. The parking area for this trail is also shared with snowmobiles. That means you might encounter some snow mobiles along the way.

Permits to the area cost only $25 for a full season and $7.50 for one to three days.

Stack Rock Trail

One of Boise’s classic hikes, Stack Rock Trail boasts a beautiful rock formation and unique snowy vistas in winter. The trailhead is 30 minutes from downtown Boise. It’s a relatively new trail system, with its construction starting on May 22, 2019, and was completed by late summer of the same year.

Beginning at Bogus Basin Road, the trail crosses rolling hillsides, passing through pine glades and open slopes. You can go snowshoeing or cross-country skiing to weave through the white-cloaked forest. 

Moving through, you can see over much of the Treasure Valley and other snowy mountains. The steep ascents and descents and distance of the trail make it moderate to strenuous for hikers.

Beaver Creek Summit

Located 25 miles north of Idaho City, off Highway 21, Beaver Creek Summit is designed especially for backcountry Nordic skiers and snowshoers. Once you reach the top of Stargaze Point, you’ll find a 360-degree view of the Boise National Forest.

This ungroomed out-and-back trail stretches up to 3 miles and is intermediate to advanced for hikers. You can bring your dog and enjoy snowshoeing, or do backcountry skiing with friends.

Banner Ridge

What about a picture-perfect spot 23 miles north of Idaho City, off Highway 21? Banner Ridge is certainly one of the best places for backcountry skiing or cruising on snowshoes on or off-trail. This groomed area is 22 miles wide and is a set track for traditional kick and glide.

Reaching the top, you’ll be met with loops, open bowls, and big views. Enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way. Dogs are allowed but on ungroomed trails only.

Gold Fork

Located 20 miles north of Idaho City, off Highway 21, Gold Fork Park N’ Ski is another groomed space to do some of your favorite snow activities. It has two trail systems: the Gold Fork Loop and Skyline Loop.

You can enjoy some snowshoeing or backcountry skiing through the Gold Fork Loop, an ungroomed trail that stretches 5.1 miles. You could also snowshoe your way through the 4-mile-wide Skyline Loop.

The area is for beginners to intermediate skiers, which makes it one of the best options for a fun winter family outing with the kids and dogs. Rest at the Whispering Pine and Skyline Yurts, if you book ahead, and explore the area with a majestic winter view.

Mores Creek Summit

How about skiing down a mountain pass in southwest Idaho? At Mores Creek Summit, you can have the time of your life cranking out the miles on your skis.

This white-dressed skiing area gets dumped on with snow that gets very deep. You can do backcountry skiing or snowshoeing in this ungroomed area. However, be sure to go when there’s enough snow to ski below 7000 feet safely.

To keep yourself from hitting buried objects, try accessing higher elevations through Pilot Peak road.