Ness McGovern Events & Design uncovers the mystery behind the Wedding Planner

Ness McGovern Event & Design premier Wedding Planner shares what the job of a wedding planner really is and the help it brings to the bride.

Ness McGovern Events & Design Shares Her Top 5 Reasons Why A Wedding Planner Is a Smart Investment for Today’s Modern Couples

Planning a wedding is supposed to be fun but it can often be stressful! You’ve found the person you want to share a life with, but now you’re stuck balancing decision fatigue, deadlines, and conflicting opinions of vocal friends and family. There are many reasons to hire a wedding planner but here are our top five: 

 An Advocate:. You’ll have someone in your corner with your best interests in mind and someone to lean on when the unforeseeable pops up. And, even better, we handle the unforeseeable on wedding day so you don’t even know that there was an issue to begin with. 

Personalized Vendor Recommendations: Wedding planners have first-hand experience working with dozens of venues, photographers, caterers, florists and other wedding vendors. We know every vendor has different styles and personalities. We can recommend the best fit for you! Don’t leave the unknown to Google, leave it to an expert who has DONE THIS before.

Less Stress: A Customized Checklist: Enjoy your engagement without worrying if you’re forgetting something for your wedding with a wedding planners customized and specific planning checklist. Sometimes wedding planning can be stressful and it might take as little as knowing what to expect next to make you feel confident in moving forward.

Save money: by not wasting it on things you don’t need. You need quality service and you probably don’t need programs. There’s a lot we can help you prioritize.

Don’t put your friends and family to work! They are there to celebrate you. Most importantly, don’t put yourself to work on your wedding day! Why would you want to be setting up centerpieces when you could be sipping champagne and getting a massage?

Which one of these seems like the best reason to hire a wedding planner to you? 
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Do you know the difference between a Wedding Planner vs a Wedding Coordinator?

There is a difference! A wedding planner is someone who actually helps you plan your wedding. You start with them at least a year before your desired wedding date and they source vendors for you based on your style, needs and budget. They will reach out to vendors on your behalf, do a lot of the leg work and take a lot off your plate! 

A wedding coordinator executes what you have already planned on your own and makes sure it goes how you intended. We generally start working with a couple about a month out from their date. In that month, we contact your vendors, read your contracts, look for red flags and create a detailed timeline. It’s commonly referred to as “month-of coordination” or “wedding management”.

OH! And something we want to make very clear, there is no such thing as a “day-of” coordinator. The idea that a coordinator can come in at rehearsal or the morning of the wedding and MASTER your wedding day and execute it flawlessly, without previously having spoken to your vendors or read your contracts, is not realistic. That’s why most planners start their coordination package at least a month out from your wedding date.

Ness McGovern Events does in fact offer both Wedding Planning and Wedding Coordination.

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