Scouted Boutique Social Media and Marketing Experts You Should Know About in the South and East

In an age when social media and digital marketing reign supreme, consider this your sign to level up. Whether you’re looking to grow your burgeoning business or curate your personal brand, these media savvy social media and marketing experts know all the tips and tricks to make sure you stand out. Are you ready to go viral? Consult The Scout Guide directory here to find a complete list of marketing professionals.

Chavanne Cazayoux, marketing expert at Cazayoux Creative in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Photography by Caitlin B. Photography.

Chavanne Cazayoux, Cazayoux Creative

Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Tagline: We make sure everything your business writes, posts or even so much as whispers, is purposeful and persuasive
Services: social media management, graphic design, copywriting, community engagement, content distribution, reels, videography, analytic reporting, website design, wordpress development, SEO and google analytics integration, newsletters, commercials, landing pages, product naming and descriptions

Meredith Mathesius, marketing expert at The Leverage Group in Charleston, South Carolina, and Bristol, Tennessee standing outside
Photography by Aleece Sophia.

Meredith Mathesius, The Leverage Group

Charleston, South Carolina, and Bristol, Tennessee
Tagline: Creative Minds. Strategic Solutions. Effective Marketing.
Services: digital, media, creative, agency services, event enhancement, promotional items

Alyssa Gay, marketing expert at AG Creative in Charleston, South Carolina, and Sarasota, Florida standing with her team
Photography by Aleece Sophia.

Alyssa Gay, AG Creative

Charleston, South Carolina, and Sarasota, Florida
Tagline: Building resilient brands through thoughtful curation and consumer-minded strategies
Services: brand strategy, story, positioning, name development, target market analysis and customer personas, visual identity and branding system, packaging design, editorial design and strategy, digital design, environmental branding, social media, photography, video, copywriting, email marketing, blog writing, influencer marketing, event management, public relations

Jordan Orriols, marketing expert at 
 Alexandria Communications in Bergen County, New Jersey, standing by desk
Photography by Alyson Barrow.

Jordan Orriols, Alexandria Communications

Bergen County, New Jersey
Tagline: Bringing your brand to life with digital marketing
Services: social media, strategy creation, marketing materials, brand management, email marketing

Abby Bradley and Clare Jolly, social media experts of Nova Social Co. in Gulf Coast, Alabama, and Nashville, Tennessee standing outside with their team
Photography by Deanna Kay Photography.

Abby Bradley and Clare Jolly, Nova Social Co.

Gulf Coast, Alabama, and Nashville, Tennessee
Tagline: We are a team of creatives elevating digital marketing experiences for modern businesses
Services: social media management, content creation, paid ads management, email marketing, branding design

Katie Barchas Wilson, marketing expert in Middleburg Virginia, dressed for a circus
Photography by Ronda Ann Gregorio.

Katie Barchas Wilson

Middleburg, Virginia
Tagline: Helping service-based businesses soar with sustainable branding and marketing strategies
Services: branding, marketing, events

Andrea Sanchez Krafft, marketing expert at Lemonade Hype in Naples, Florida, and Bozeman, Montana, with her team
Photography by Audrey Snow Owen.

Andrea Sanchez Krafft, Lemonade Hype

Naples, Florida, and Bozeman, Montana
Tagline: We build brand through effective storytelling and compelling visual designs
Services: web design, social media, branding, digital marketing, app development, graphic design, content curation, content curation, site management, SEO services, visual merchandising, experiential events

Ginger Moxam, social media and marketing expert at Curated by Ginger standing outside
Photography by Kelly Jones Photo.

Ginger Moxam, Curated by Ginger

Naples, Florida
Services: content creation, photography, social media management, strategy and consulting, branding, web design

Dana Queen, social media expert at Stay Social in Virginia Beach, Virginia, sitting
Photography by Zoë Grant.

Dana Queen, Stay Social

Virginia Beach, Virginia
Tagline: Helping businesses standout online
Services: social media management, web design, social media training, content & imagery

Amy McWilliams, marketing expert at McWilliams Marketing in Huntsville, Alabama, standing
Photography by White Rabbit Studios.

Amy McWilliams, McWilliams Marketing

Huntsville, Alabama
Tagline: Stop guessing at your marketing
Services: social media, web design, search engine optimization, digital advertising, graphic design, google ads

Soapbox Influence, marketing experts in Bentonville, Arkansas, whispering in front of a wall
Photography by Meredith Mashburn.

Soapbox Influence

Bentonville, Arkansas
Tagline: Building brands through authentic conversations
Services: social media management, content creation, ratings and reviews, photography and copywriting, email marketing, influence campaigns, brand ambassadors, events and entertainment

Cazayoux Creative appears in The Scout Guide Baton Rouge. The Leverage Group appears in The Scout Guide Charleston. AG Creative appears in The Scout Guide Charleston and The Scout Guide Sarasota, Anna Maria to Boca Grande. Alexandria Communications appears in The Scout Guide Bergen County. Nova Social Co. appears in The Scout Guide Gulf Coast. Katie Barchas Wilson appears in The Scout Guide Hunt Country. Lemonade Hype appears in The Scout Guide Naples and The Scout Guide Bozeman. Curated by Ginger appears in The Scout Guide Naples. Stay Social appears in The Scout Guide Tidewater. Soapbox Influence appears in The Scout Guide Northwest Arkansas. McWilliams Marketing appears in The Scout Guide Huntsville.