A well-composed flat lay featuring The Scout Guide Austin, with the guidebooks placed elegantly amongst vibrant green leaves of an indoor plant, slices of fresh lemon, and a refreshing lemon beverage, all set on a beautifully textured cream background that enhances the green and gold color scheme of the guides.

Find them at our local partner stores

Our Local Distribution Partners at Central Market and The Wayback Cafe & Cottages are consistently stacked with complementary guides for your taking. Grab a coffee at The Wayback or pick one up at Central Market when you’re shopping for groceries or picking up flowers.

2. Pop into a local shop

Drop in at any of our members’ brick & mortars to pick up a guide and discover even more local business gems within the pages…

Austin Skin Physicians | A Custom House | Bay Hill Design | Bleu by TPG Home / Blue Suede Austin | Carrie Shannon Fine Art / Champions Westlake | Estilo (Women’s Men’s or Kid’s)| Grove Hill Boutique | Happy Health & Wellness / Hearth & Soul / House of Margot Blair / Kaskas Rugs | Kelsey Leigh Fine Jewelry & Gifts  | Korman Fine Jewelry | Lake Austin Spa Resort / Littlefield’s Tacos & Coffee / Lux Rox | Paper Place | Phyllis Browning Co. Real Estate / Rooted Femme | Sit Still Kids Salon / Sparrow Interiors | Sportsman’s Finest / Spruce Upholstery | Texas Children’s Hospital / The Village at the Triangle / Truly Chiropractic / Wally Workman Gallery

3. When you tap our experts

We’ve scouted a bevy of go-to gurus for house, home, networking, health and more. When you tap one of our experts for their service, don’t forget to ask for a guide! Want a full list? Meet Volume 11 Here.

4. Direct to your door

Order The Scout Guide Austin Volume 11 online and peruse guides to over 90+ cities, including neighboring cities TSG Fort Worth, TSG San Antonio, and TSG Hill Country! Please note that when you order a guide online, there is a cost to cover shipping whereas finding one in your local community is completely free.

To learn more about the inspiration behind our latest edition, read our Letter from the Editor here.