A Letter from the Editor

Volume 11, a number that is commonly said to be representative of a  “unique sense of heightened vibration”…a definition I feel perfectly speaks to the over sixty businesses gracing these pages…unique, passionate and carrying with them a certain vibration that is unique to Austin, Texas. 

As editor, I say this quite often, but as we watch towers rise and businesses that have long been institutions to this quirky city disappear, it’s worth reiterating; small businesses are the backbone of our community. From neighborhood corner stores, live music venues, and coffee shops to restaurants, artisans, and boutiques. By turns innovative and yet somehow also free-spirited, there is a home for everyone here. 

Now, that also includes Georgetown, Texas. A suburb that has long been part of the fabric, but one that is now feeling the pressure of being the fastest-growing city by percent change in America (per Census.gov). The long-time locals are seeing the changes for the good and the bad. This edition pays tribute to a few of their small business owners, as well as their town square, dubbed the most beautiful in Texas. It’s worth a day trip and this edition equips you with all the insider knowledge needed to head “North of Cool”.

To each local business owner in this book, you have taught us so much about what creativity, passion and an unmistakably Austin-like spirit of ‘anything is possible’ can produce.  You each deserve to have your names shouted from the rooftops.

And finally, thank you to our loyal readers — those who live in this city and those who admire it from afar. Let these pages serve as a window into the local magic found only in Austin, then please go out and use this guide to support real people in your community living out their dreams. 

With gratitude, 

Shannon Bland

Editor at TSG Austin

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