The Neighborhoods of Aspen

Aspen Realtor Mandy Welgos knows that in Aspen, life is amazing, beautiful, and at its best. She’s passionate about sharing this place she calls home with her clients and her community. If the neighborhoods of the area leave you confused, tap into her knowledge with her distinct guides to each area. She outlines every neighborhood with what to love, do, and even the local schools. There is a personality to every part of this town and she aims to best align you with the location that resonates as home. Here is a sneak peek of Mandy’s Community Guides.

Aspen Central Core.png


“True to its name, Central Core is a community located in the heart of Aspen. Its strategic location makes it an ideal place for both vacationers and families who want to call Aspen home. The entire neighborhood is dotted with both old and modern architectural gems that give the community a small-town yet cosmopolitan vibe.” | READ MORE

East Aspen Colorado.png


“There is something magical about East Aspen. Its bucolic setting charms families and vacationers who want to live in a more relaxed environment, and the whole area is draped with picturesque mountain views year-round. In this idyllic neighborhood, every day calls for a new adventure.” | READ MORE

Mclain Flats Aspen Colorado.png


“Mclain Flats is a 10-minute drive from Downtown Aspen, allowing the community both privacy and close proximity to city life. Its residents welcome its seclusion in exchange for a more relaxed lifestyle, far from the hustle and bustle of central Aspen. The gorgeous natural scenery is a sight to behold for residents and visitors alike.” | READ MORE

Old Snowmass Colorado.png


“Old Snowmass provides the best of both worlds. You can expect to live in a serene environment while enjoying an expansive playground just outside your doorstep. Savor the right mix of calmness and vigor in this quiet community.” | READ MORE

Smuggler Aspen Colorado.png


“Smuggler is located at the base of Smuggler Mountain, home to sweeping views of Aspen Mountain. The village is the aftermath of Smuggler Mine, a famous mining area in the early 1900s.” | READ MORE

Snowmass Village Colorado.png


“Its popularity reaches snow sports enthusiasts across the world, as the majestic mountains surrounding the village are perfect for outdoor fun and adventure. The town has luxurious resorts with panoramic views, gourmet dining options, and ultimate shopping galore. Snowmass Village real estate offers a wide variety of choices, from spacious single-family homes to stylish condominiums available throughout the community.” | READ MORE

West Aspen Colorado.png


“West Aspen is a family-friendly neighborhood equipped with modern facilities, granting residents a comfortable lifestyle. The community has a great mix of old-world charm blended with modern, resort-like amenities, making it one of the best destinations for tourists inside and outside the country.” | READ MORE

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“The West End is a quaint community known for canopied streets, historic houses, and beautiful summer gardens. With all of its nature, it’s difficult to believe that the community sprung from Aspen’s mining days. The neighborhood exudes a quiet and relaxing atmosphere reminiscent of its old glory. The West End real estate offers an eclectic mix of 1800s Victorian homes and modern dwellings.” | READ MORE

Woody Creek Colorado.png


“One of Aspen’s greatest hidden gems is this rustic community, which offers seclusion from the outside world. But being secluded doesn’t mean being inaccessible–Woody Creek is only a short drive from Downtown Aspen. Properties with expansive acreage comprise most of Woody Creek real estate, and most houses have captivating views of grazing horses right outside the windows.” | READ MORE

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