Home for the Holidays with Kristin Dittmar Design

We sat down with Kristin Doremus of Kristin Dittmar Design as she shared her cherished holiday traditions and offered insightful tips on creating a festive home. From the unique tradition of decorating the tree after the holidays to the warm aroma of cinnamon, apples, and clove filling her home, Kristin’s approach to holiday decor is both sentimental and stylish. Discover her favorite touches, such as accent pillows, vintage Santa Claus collections, and the timeless elegance of red accents, as she guides us through creating a warm and inviting atmosphere during the holiday season.

  • Our family tradition is decorating the tree after the holidays, allowing more time for the Holiday Spirit.
  •  I love all-white lights; however, my kids enjoy the multi-colored lights. We settle on red lights. Lights make everything feel more festive this time of year!
  •  My husband surprises me in the mornings during the holidays by setting a pot of water filled with cinnamon, apples, and cloves on the stove. The entire house smells lovely and homey.
  •  I recommend buying a few accent pillows. This year, I added a snowflake, candy cane, and snowman that I found at Pottery Barn. I love these types of simple additions.
  •  I always pull out a plaid red throw for the holidays.
  •  A vintage Santa Claus collection is a nice touch throughout the house.
  •  I always bring out a special set of cookware for the Holiday Season.
  •  A simple touch that looks fantastic is using old flower vases. My husband likes filling these up with cranberries, adding water, and then putting a floating tee light on the top. It is easy yet adds a special touch.
  •  For years, I have been using my grandmother’s vintage tree skirt. Since having a family, we have bought a new one; however, I love to layer them. Combining different traditions.
  •  Bright red accents are a simple and practical addition to the holiday season!
  •  And you can always go right with some simple garland and mistletoe.