Meet Sara Harris

For nearly two decades, The Scout Guide Williamsburg & The Chesapeake Bay Editor Sara Harris has called Tidewater’s Gloucester County, whose motto is appropriately “the land of the life worth living,” home. There, surrounded by the beautiful southern tributaries of the Chesapeake Bay and enamored with the area’s rich culture, community and history, Sara began raising a family and transformed her passion and talent for photography into a rewarding profession.

Sara’s flair for warm photographic storytelling led to her involvement with the second volume of TSG Williamsburg and the Chesapeake Bay, and in 2016 she was honored to take over the reins as Editor from the original Co-editors, Jodi Hanna and Thea Robertson. With or without the camera in her hand, Sara combines a natural sense of style with an engaging human touch that allows her to authentically highlight the many TSG artisans, business owners, and entrepreneurs she now counts as friends.

When she’s not enjoying the shops and restaurants dotting the region, Sara can often be found with her husband, Brian; sons AJ and Jake; and furry child Koda skipping along in a boat on the York River.

Sara’s Favorite Reasons to Visit

Reason 1

The Water. The Chesapeake Bay is the largest estuary in the U.S., and it drives much of the region’s stunning scenic beauty, recreation, and economy. From the James River to the Rappahannock, there are so many great places to paddle a kayak, sail, motor, or simply soak in a sunset. Our family has been drawn to the magic of the water our entire lives.

Reason 2

The History. If you haven’t ever been, Colonial Williamsburg is a must-do. I say ‘do,’ because it’s a living history museum, and interacting with the actors in period costume is all part of this uniquely fun experience! Colonial Williamsburg forms the ‘Historic Triangle’ with Jamestown and Yorktown, which are both worth the short ride away via the beautiful Colonial Parkway.

Reason 3

The Dining. Thanks to the Bay, we have some of the freshest seafood available anywhere. Truly wonderful restaurants abound, with many taking a farm- (or sea-) to-table approach. During your visit, you may find yourself rubbing shoulders with local watermen at one of the many community seafood festivals that take place here—even in the winter months, when succulent oysters take center stage in our area.

WORDS TO LIVE BY:  “Kindness is always fashionable, and always welcome.” —Amelia Barr