Making a House a Home with Morris Construction Co.

Life is busy. We’re often pulled in different directions while balancing the priorities of career, children, health, friends, passions and more…But after the hustle and bustle of a long day, there’s really nothing like coming home. Hopefully, coming home is a welcoming experience that offers a sense of security and reminds you of your purpose. With this in mind, it’s more important than ever that we don’t simply live in a house but a home, and after chatting with John and Kaci Morris, we’re convinced there’s no one in West Texas who embodies this ideal more than this husband-wife duo behind Morris Construction Company

A serene residential setting featured by The Scout Guide, showcasing an elegant light-toned house with multiple windows, dormer accents on the roof, and a welcoming front entrance flanked by potted plants, with a manicured lawn out front and a curved concrete pathway leading to the steps.

Morris Construction Co builds distinctive homes for discerning clients in Midland’s oldest neighborhoods. While John, who is meticulously detailed when it comes to material selections, handles the build of the home, Kaci partners with him to handle the design side. For Kaci, design can look like selections of flooring, paint color, lighting, or countertops, cabinets and hardware. It can also look like furniture selections and feedback on the usability of a space in accordance with a client’s life. For John, this looks like taking pre-drawn plans and turning it into a reality through the building process. 

The list of specificity that can be built into a home is ongoing, but it all comes down to this for Morris Construction Co: being relationship based over project based. John and Kaci work with people more than plans, and they advocate for their clients on everything from the pricing John is getting on materials, to the day-to-day updates that keep a client in the loop. In our opinion, this is a perfect recipe for a successful business, especially when it comes to something as special as a client’s home. Kaci on the other hand, doesn’t just want to know that you like blue hues and large kitchens… She’s more interested in how each family plans to romance the house. Will you host a lot? Do you plan to spend a lot of time in the living room as a family? How many children will live here? Will the dining be formal or informal, in which case should we add informal in the form of a breakfast nook? She is focused on all of the details around how life will be lived. 

A well-manicured lawn leads up to a charming single-story house with a white exterior and a symmetrical design framed by greenery, reflecting the refined comfort featured in The Scout Guide.

Both John and Kaci grew up in families that were design focused. John, who was born and raised in Midland (a Midlander, if you will), has worked for his dad and uncle in the remodeling space since he was 15 years old. His experience continued in the form of a degree in Construction Science from Texas A&M University. Following, he worked for large commercial contractors in Houston, Temple and Tyler continuing to gain experience. In 2008, after years of different roles in the construction industry, John decided to launch his own business, and over 15 years later, Morris Construction Co continues to thrive. Kaci is originally from Tyler, Texas and attended Texas Tech University where she earned a degree in interior design. Coming from a family of architects in East Texas, she felt confident in the path she wanted to take. She started her career in interior design in Tyler, and later relocated with John to Midland. Today, she remains an integral part of the business making sure the details in a project are mouthpieces for the way a home will look and feel. 

We asked them about potential clients and the client relationship and what it looks like to work with them. It was no surprise when you consider their experience and upbringing that it’s a mostly straight-forward process. There is no minimum size or price that fits a scope. They mentioned that one of the joys of Midland is how small it is – It’s likely they know the people they are working with meaning they already have an inside look at who they are and what they want in a home. 

Elegant home office with blue walls and built-in bookshelves containing books and decorative items. A brown leather armchair sits next to a round gold and wood accent table with a green lamp. Above the workspace, adorned with a fabric office chair, are paintings and framed artwork. A mounted TV is on the right wall and a large eagle sculpture is on a console table with books beneath it. The room features bamboo window shades and a beige carpet, offering a sophisticated yet cozy environment that aligns with The Scout Guide's style of showcasing tastefully designed spaces.

Their work leans in a more traditional or transitional light and that’s intentional. John is passionate about producing high-quality homes with fine details that stand the test of time and does not give way to the trends of modern designs. He mentioned some of his favorite homes are brick with a cedar shake roof and on the interior he is enthralled by good millwork. Kaci perfectly complements him in this. She charmingly calls custom fixtures on a house, “lovely” and has a long list (to which we agree with) of things that makes a house feel like a home. 

This list includes tall windows that are gracious and welcoming, like when a client opts for six foot windows instead of five feet on an eight foot ceiling, she loves when light is seen shining through the house for a proof of life effect, custom cabinetry and fixtures, and gas lanterns hanging on a porch.  As Kaci described the things she loves about a home, we couldn’t help but imagine a corner lot with the rare set of trees, a brick pathway and big windows where you can see parents and children dancing down the halls in sports uniforms and dance leotards,with  mom and dad in their day-to-day life. Life truly being lived.

John and Kaci have a special love for their community and feel “grateful to help people while doing something they love”. After all, they are homeowners in the same neighborhood they work in.  If you’re looking for a partner in an upcoming home project, look no further than Morris Construction Co. The Scout Guide is grateful for the time they gave us and the deep-dive they offered into their process and passions when it comes to home building. 

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