Member Spotlight - Artesana Tile

We all know Tucson is a vibrant city where the sun shines bright and the art scene shines even brighter. In the heart of this bustling ever growing city, there are talented business owners and artists adding on the city’s charm. We sat down to talk to Dani Williams, co-owner of Artesana Tile, a luxury artisan tile shop that specializes in one of a kind pieces for your interior and exterior living spaces.

Artesana sources tile of exceptional quality and holds an unwavering dedication and passion to their clients design needs and budget- while having a fun and approachable style. Artesana’s full service design studio is in the heart of Tucson- located on N. Dodge Boulevard neighboring the Metal Arts District. The entire Artesana Tile team is making connections and waves in the design world here in Southern Arizona and we couldn’t be more pleased to share the evolution of the business from ‘scouted’ member Dani Williams.

How And Why Did You Get Into The Industry That You Are In? 

“Sort of by accident!  I was an interior designer and my partner Thomas owned restaurants.  When Covid hit we had to take a step back and really evaluate our lives.  Consequently we decided to move from Denver to Tucson upon which the opportunity to purchase Artesana Tile arose.  We took my creative skills and Thomas’s business skills and took the leap into the art tile world” 

At What Point Did You Know You Were Ready To Start/Build Your Business? 

“Karen, the previous owner of Artesana had built a really beautiful and successful business.  We knew we didn’t want to change much, just modernize her systems and focus on marketing.  We built a more comprehensive website, focused on social media/ outreach and made our ordering process more streamline. ” 

What Is Your Favorite Thing About Your Current Business – Is There Something That Gets You Out Of Bed Every Morning With Excitement ? 

“Hands down our products.  I might be biased but I think we carry some of the most unique and gorgeous tiles on the market.  I love that all of our products have a story, and most of them come from small makers.  That they are truly individual pieces of art for your home.” 

What Is One Thing You Would Tell A Young Entrepreneur About Having A Successful And Lasting Career In The Industry ? 

“Keep going.  Even when it’s really scary and all you want to do is quit just remember that progress isn’t linear and tomorrow is a new day.  Our first few months were hard, really hard.  I had many days where I wasn’t sure if I was cut out for being a business owner.  But, it gets better.  You will grow and so will your business.”

What Has Your Biggest Accomplishment To Date Since The Start Of Your Business ?

“This is a tough one!  I guess I would say that in 2022 Artesana had it’s most successful year ever in terms of sales.  This was huge because it meant that we accomplished what we set out to do which was to take an already great business and elevate it ever so slightly.  We couldn’t have done it without out incredible team and equally amazing clients.  We are so eternally grateful.” 

   Elevate Your Home With Artesana Tiles

If you want to support this local Tucson business while transforming your home with unique luxury tiles, head on over to their website to book an appointment. By booking an appointment you will be able to browse their showroom and get custom help from one of their expert designers to create the functional and beautiful space for you and your home. Make sure to follow Artesana on instagram at @artesanatile to stay up to date on their latest work! 

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