Membership Spotlight: Skin Appeal - Empowering Women in Aesthetics: Navigating Business Growth, Skin Care, and Empowerment at Skin Appeal in Tucson

The story begins in print and continues online. It is Rodeo and winter visitor season in Tucson so if you are a local or rediscovering the faces in Volume 3, we are thrilled to deepen your connection to them and if there is a standout group of beauty-it is the ladies of Skin Appeal.  Read on to discover owner and founder Christy Hall’s secrets to aesthetic business growth!

 Photo by Audria Abney

Recently, we had the privilege of chatting with Christy and learning about her practice, foundational 5 skincare to aesthetics and overall outlook on aging gracefully. 

Can you tell us a bit about your journey as a woman business owner in the aesthetics field?

I’ve been a PA for 24 years with nearly 20 years of that time in cosmetic dermatology and aesthetics.  In 2013, I opened Skin Appeal with the vision of being a beauty advocate and empowering my clients to love their look, feel their best and age as gracefully as they choose throughout life.  Aging gracefully means something different to everyone and I love to teach about the aging process and options to help. I work with my clients to determine a plan that makes them feel amazing. With success in this, Skin Appeal has grown and has expanded to include my amazing team that supports the same vision.

 Photo by Audria Abney

Can you tell us more about the foundational 5 concept that is unique to Skin Appeal? 

To truly age gracefully, it is important to understand our foundational 5 concept which works on the skin in 3 different layers, as well as on our body and internal health for optimal aging. We use this way of teaching to ensure that our patients are always optimizing their spending to ensure they get the outcome that they really want. Initially we may begin with a more focused plan and then with time move into all aspects of the foundational 5 concept.  For more information on this concept check out my book, Your Beauty Advocate, A No-Nonsense Guide to Age Defying SkinCare or join us for a complimentary consultation.

 Photos by Audria Abney

As a woman entrepreneur, what challenges have you faced in establishing and growing your business in the aesthetics industry?  

Growing a successful business as a woman entrepreneur has been an exciting and challenging journey. I have had to learn how to be a better leader and how to hire amazing people to help me fulfill my vision.  With all my decisions over the years, I always keep my goals of delivering an exceptional customer service experience and outstanding results as the guide. 

How do you stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in aesthetics and ensure that your services are innovative and cutting-edge? 

At Skin Appeal, I pride myself on staying cutting edge with the latest advancements. I always make sure that any new treatment that we bring on is not just a trend but actually a treatment that delivers results that are worthy of my high standards. Some treatments, while being well marketed and popular, are just not worth the money.   Also, being one of the most experienced injectors in the USA, I get special privilege to one-on-one advanced trainings with some of the best trainers in the world. I love to deliver results that are natural and beautiful and I am constantly learning how to do that better. Everything that I learn, I then teach to my staff to ensure that any provider you see at Skin Appeal will deliver an outstanding result.

Could you share some success stories or memorable experiences you’ve had while helping clients achieve their aesthetic goals?

 I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to help so many clients achieve their aesthetic goals over the years. Some of my most memorable clients are the ones that I have known for most of that time.  I have been able to build relationships and watch them age gracefully while going through so many life changes, whether it is having a new baby or sending their children off to college, getting married or divorced, or starting a new career or retiring. I believe that my role in helping my clients age as gracefully as they choose has provided them with happiness.  I find so much joy in being able to empower people to love their look and love the skin they are in.

What advice do you have for aspiring women who want to enter the aesthetics industry and start their own businesses? 

Aesthetics can be a very rewarding but also very challenging field. Learning to manage client expectations and deliver results that make people happy can be stressful.  I would recommend adopting a mentality of constant and never-ending improvement. Learn, train, analyze and repeat.

 Photo by Audria Abney

How do you prioritize the well-being and satisfaction of your clients while managing the responsibilities of being a business owner?

The well-being and satisfaction of my clients is of vital importance to me and my team. I have surrounded myself with an amazing team that believes in what we do and provides me with the support I need. We have an open communication policy and are constantly training to improve our processes and services. Everything we do at Skin Appeal is to fulfill my mission of empowering our clients to love their look while also delivering an exceptional customer service experience.