Member Spotlight: Kyria Sabin & The Legacy Rebranding of BodyWorks Pilates to the International Home of Fletcher Pilates

Photos by Audria Abney

We at The Scout Guide are thrilled to share an exciting rebranding of our Scouted member and Volume 3 Health & Wellness feature member, formerly known as BodyWorks Pilates to The Fletcher Pilates Studio.  This rebranding represents an incredible opportunity for our community, encompassing the legacy of Ron Fletcher Pilates Method and his protege and friend Kyria Sabin. 

Kyria Sabin, founded BodyWorks Pilates Studio in Tucson, Arizona in 1993.   As a student of the legendary Ron Fletcher, Kyria has dedicated her life to mastering the art of Pilates and sharing its transformative power with others.

Kyria‘s journey in Pilates began in 1991 when she met Ron Fletcher himself, one of the disciples of Joseph Pilates. Under Ron Fletcher’s expert tutelage, she honed her skills and developed a deep understanding of the body-mind connection that lies at the core of Pilates. Through countless hours of practice and teaching, Kyria has become a true authority in the field. She has touched the lives of countless individuals, guiding them towards strength, flexibility, and inner peace. Kyria is a graduate of Duke University, a Pilates Method Alliance (PMA®) Certified Pilates Teacher, and a Massage Therapist. She developed the Pilates Program at the University of Arizona School of Dance where she serves as Adjunct Faculty.

In 1999, she was the catalyst for the first state-licensed Pilates teacher school in Arizona. This became the Fletcher Pilates® Program of Study, an international Pilates school headquartered In Tucson Arizona; recently celebrated its 20th Anniversary event with a 3 day movement and education experience. 

Beyond her teaching prowess, Kyria is also a sought-after international speaker and presenter. Kyria has served on numerous boards locally and internationally, including the University of Arizona School of Dance, the Pilates Method Alliance, and currently Chairs the National Pilates Certification Program Commission.

Photo by Audria Abney

Kyria Sabin’s story is an inspiration to both novices and experts alike. Her commitment to our Southern Arizona community and preserving the legacy of Pilates,  led to the logical next step to fully integrate BodyWorks Pilates Studio to the Fletcher Pilates Studio.  Kyria quoted in a recent letter of gratitude:

“Though he’s been gone more than a decade, the vitality and genius of his spirit remains the engine that drives us. So what better time than this 20/30 anniversary year to announce that Body Works Pilates Studio will become The Fletcher Pilates Studio, merging with the Fletcher Pilates School going forward.”