Insider Video Spotlight: Behind The Brand Story with PONDEROSA CACTUS

Video by Blacksheep Film works for Ponderosa Cactus.

MEET THE MEMBER: PONDEROSA CACTUS! At The Scout Guide, we are always on the lookout for hidden gems that resonate with our passion for unique beauty. Today, we are excited to introduce you to Ponderosa Cactus, a beautiful family-owned nursery nestled in the heart of Tucson, Arizona. Daniel and Maricela Carrasco embarked on their journey in 1986, harvesting native cactus in the Sonoran Desert, and this marked the beginning of Ponderosa Cactus. With locations spanning across Arizona and California, they have grown their offering to include over thousands of cactus species. We invite you to join us on a journey to explore the fascinating world of Ponderosa Cactus.

Ponderosa Cactus boasts an incredible collection of cactus species that you won’t find anywhere else. With over thousands of varieties available at their Arizona and California locations, there’s something for every cactus enthusiast. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a novice looking to add a touch of the Sonoran Desert’s beauty to your surroundings, Ponderosa Cactus has the perfect cactus waiting for you.

Photo by Audria Abney for The Scout Guide Tucson and Southern Arizona.