Explore Southern Arizona's Mercado District this Holiday Season!

As the holiday season approaches, there is no better place in Southern Arizona to immerse yourself in the spirit of local charm and festive cheer than the bustling shopping, living, and events, than the Mercado District. Here at The Scout Guide Tucson & Southern Arizona, we’re here to Explore Southern Arizona’s Mercado District this Holiday Season! This Westside gem, is a delightful holiday vibrant hub for 100% locally-owned small businesses. Come enjoy shopping, dining, local artisans, and community events; And even pick up a complimentary copy of The Scout Guide.

All photos are courtesy of Audria Abney for The Scout Guide Tucson + Southern Arizona.

Discover The Mercado District

The Mercado District is in the heart of Tucson’s oldest neighborhood- Menlo Park, nestled at the base of  A mountain’s desert landscape. Located at the West-end station of Tucson’s modern streetcar, this vibrant district embodies the essence of Southern Arizona’s rich culture and heritage.  The culinary scene caters to a wide range of tastes, with an array of charming eateries, cozy cafes, and gourmet dining options. From savoring authentic Mexican cuisine bursting with flavors to indulging in locally-sourced organic treats, this district will satiate your every culinary desire. 

The Mercado District celebrates the spirit of the holidays at each of it’s three architecturally distinct shopping areas: Mercado San Agustin, The Monier, and MSA Annex, each offering visitors and locals alike a unique experience. 

All photos are courtesy of Audria Abney for The Scout Guide Tucson + Southern Arizona.

We’ve ‘scouted’ the businesses and events not to miss during the festive season!

Mercado San Agustin (MSA) the architectural style that greets guests upon arrival is the rustic elegance reminiscent of a Hacienda with open air courtyard, through decorative iron gates. Adorned with wooden beams, adobe brick accents, this section of district oozes warmth and comfort, and community. During the holidays, this area is transformed, with twinkling lights strewn across the beams and luminaria lights line the roofline. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee from Presta Coffee Roasters fills the air, enhancing the welcoming ambiance. MSA is the anchor of the district as the first in the concept and home to Tucson’s iconic shops, parties and boutiques. 


Agustin Kitchen – Eat & Drink

Dolce Pastello Cakes – Eat & Drink

Faun Salon – Services

La Cabaña – Shopping

La Estrella Bakery -Eat & Drink

Laughlin Mercantile – Shopping

MAST – Shopping

Presta Coffee Roasters – Eat & Drink

Seis Kitchen – Eat & Drink

All photos are courtesy of Audria Abney for The Scout Guide Tucson + Southern Arizona.

Continuing down the Avenida, visitors are transported to a modern take of classic Pre-War style grand apartment buildings. This section features white-washed walls, and tree lined corridor, featuring an impressive colonnade of shops and services at the heart of the district. During the holiday season, this area takes on a charming twist, blending the traditional festivity with the region’s rich cultural heritage. 


81 Barbers – Services

Bloom Maven – Shopping

San Agustin Trading Co. – Shopping

Old Pueblo Denim – Shopping

Cosme – Services

El Be Boutique – Shopping

Cero – Shopping

All photos are courtesy of Audria Abney for The Scout Guide Tucson + Southern Arizona.

Lastly, the expansion concept of the district is the MSA ANNEX. The shops and eateries at the Annex are housed in modern transformed shipping containers- a stark contrast to the Spanish Colonial -inspired section of Mercado San Agustin. During the holiday season, this area comes alive with bold and festive colors. Palo Verde trees embellished with twinkling lights bring a touch of authenticity to the festivities.    MSA Annex offers a delightful amalgamation of modern boutiques, vibrant galleries, and inspired and inclusive atmosphere.


Beaut Burger – Eat & Drink

Decibel Coffee Works – Eat & Drink

Flam Chen – Arts

Fletcher and Co – Art Services / Shopping

Kukai Fresh Japanese Kitchen – Eat & Drink

Mesa – Shopping

Petroglyphs – Community Events / Shopping

Spaghetti Club

The Underestimated City – Shopping

Transit Cycles – Shopping

Westbound – Eat & Drink

Why I Love Where I Live – Shopping

All photos are courtesy of Audria Abney for The Scout Guide Tucson + Southern Arizona.

Embracing the Love of Local, the local community and the district organization join hands to host an array of special events and festivities. The host location for the Annual Dia Los Muertos – All Souls Procession- is the catalyst for the region’s time honored tradition and starts the festive holiday season.  The beloved family friendly outdoor holiday event of the season is the Annual Holiday Bazaar, which will take place December 15-17.  Featuring 60+ makers, artists, and collectors.  This will be a ‘scouted’ event not to miss.

What makes this shopping district truly unique is its unwavering commitment to supporting small, local businesses. With each purchase, you are not just acquiring a product but investing in the dreams and livelihoods of passionate entrepreneurs who add vitality to the community. The holiday season provides the perfect opportunity to show your support for these small businesses while finding truly one-of-a-kind gifts for your loved ones. This holiday season, escape the conventional shopping malls and immerse yourself in the charm and warmth of southern Arizona’s premier shopping district. From enthralling artistic creations to mouthwatering culinary delights, and from captivating events to the rich tapestry of local businesses, this district has something for everyone. Experience the magic, embrace the spirit of the season, and support local small businesses, all in one captivating visit – Explore Southern Arizona’s Mercado District this Holiday Season!

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