The New Age of Stationery Is Here

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One of life’s unexpected joys is receiving a beautiful handwritten note in the mail—whether it be an invitation, thank-you note, or simply a correspondence to let the recipient know you’re thinking about them. But let’s be real for a moment: More and more, the text message stands in for snail mail. It’s quick, efficient, and elicits a prompt response. At The Scout Guide we believe in using beautiful stationery when possible. But we also recognize that’s not always the answer. Enter HiNOTE

Alexis Traina. Photography by Claiborne Swanson Frank.

If you haven’t discovered HiNOTE yet, we’re excited to introduce you to them. Founded by tastemaker, entertaining authority, author, and vintner Alexis Traina, who found herself exasperated during the endless days and months of the pandemic when everyone was not only glued to their mobile phones 24/7, but limited to communicating in little blue and gray text bubbles and emojis. She set out to elevate how we communicate so that everyone can bring individuality, style, and purpose to the center of everyday messaging, both personally and professionally.  

Photography courtesy of HiNOTE.

And because we’re all about supporting local businesses, we’re excited to collaborate with HiNOTE to bring you a great way to connect with those in your community with the “LOCALS ONLY.” template. It’s perfect for encouraging people in your world to meet up at local spots for girls’ nights, date night, an after-work rendezvous—or any local happening. You can find the “LOCALS ONLY.” template by browsing the “Lunch/Dinner” category under “Invites.” 

Don’t have the HiNOTE app yet? We encourage you to download and explore the app, available in the iOS store (they have plans to roll out an app for Android in 2024), to level up your texting game. Whether you’re going for buttoned-up professional or quirky casual, there’s a template that perfectly suits your message and personality. Prepare to present your very best digital self and remember to LIVE.LOVE.LOCAL. everywhere you go.