Shop Small & Support Local This Holiday Season

snowy town at night
Photography by Dan Campbell Photography of The Scout Guide Park City.

  At The Scout Guide, we take our mantra “Live. Love. Local.” to heart. Our purpose has always been to celebrate and shine the spotlight on local businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, and artisans, and that’s never been more true than during the holiday season. As we enter this busiest time of year, we encourage you to remember your community and support local while checking off your gift list. Here are our top six reasons to keep your dollars in your town during prime gift-giving season: 

  1. Discover a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. When you shop locally, and start to frequent those shops, you’re building a lasting relationship that will not only benefit the business, but you as the consumer. You’ll develop a rapport with the business owner and employees, and they’ll get to know your likes and dislikes, which enables them to better meet your needs. 
  2. Spark surprise and delight. Local retailers deck the halls and stock their shelves with carefully selected items chosen with their customers in mind. That enables shoppers to find gifts that will be coveted by the recipient. And if you’ve got a tricky person on your list, you’ll be able to consult with shop owners to find the perfect gift. There’s nothing like watching the delight on someone’s face when they unwrap a present that’s the perfect thing they didn’t know they needed. 
  3. Skip the shipping and get it wrapped. By shopping in person, you get to walk away with your purchase and avoid shipping fees (in addition to those tricky hidden costs that are bundled into the price). Added bonus: most boutiques offer gratis gift wrapping. 
  4. Deliver unique experiences. Got a few people on your list who seemingly have everything? Purchasing restaurant gift cards and services (home organizing, landscaping, beauty/spa) will always be appreciated. Shopping for someone not in your town? Check out our list of Scouted Cities and purchase from a local business in their city. 
  5. Your money stays in your community. When you shop local, you’re funneling money directly back into your town, fueling municipal projects such as trail systems and parks, schools, and future growth. There’s no better compliment to the place you live than supporting it with your loyalty and business.
  6. Celebrate hometown pride. It’s a lovely feeling knowing you’re buying a product or service that supports local business owners and their families, that fuels an entrepreneur’s dreams, or even keeps a family heritage alive. Shopping local is not just a financial transaction— it’s emotional and rewarding to give back.

Is The Scout Guide missing from your town? You could be the next owner/editor and help local businesses thrive in your community. Find out how here.