The Scout Guide Seattle Owner, Kimberly DeLatte Nakich

Meet Kimberly DeLatte Nakich

Guided by the belief that a tight knit community with strong small businesses helps make a city thrive, Kimberly is thrilled to bring The Scout Guide to Seattle. “I look forward to connecting, cultivating, celebrating, and advocating for the small businesses and their owners in our community,” Kimberly shares. “I want to tell their stories, show their faces, and make business personal.”


Born and raised in New Orleans, Kimberly knew from an early age that she wanted her work to be community focused. After graduating from LSU, she worked on political campaigns and in the U.S. Senate. After finishing her Masters in International Relations, she and her husband Erik moved to Hawaii where she ran an interior design business. “While I had always advocated for small business in my previous roles, this gave me a perspective I didn’t have before,” she says. “Once I dipped my toe into the small business environment, I knew I wanted to always be part of it.”


When the time came for Kimberly and her family to move back to the mainland, they wanted open water, mountains, and a creative and lively city. After visiting Seattle, it was obvious this was the place to raise their family and live their lives. She leaned back into her advocacy and events side, producing events for nonprofits and soon realized Seattle is a tale of two cities. From the outside, Seattle seems like a city full of tech giants, however its roots lie in the arts and small business communities. There is an entrepreneurial and community spirit in Seattle that vibrates and makes the city unique and colorful. Kimberly is passionate about the mission of TSG and can’t wait to advocate for and showcase the faces and stories of this special community to locals, and visitors.

Kimberly's Favorite Reasons to Visit

Reason 1

Urban Meets Idyllic Natural Beauty. From the vibrant streets and historic landmarks of Pike’s Place Market and the Space Needle to the unrivaled natural beauty of the Emerald City and its surrounding areas, there is truly something for everyone! Whether you want the energy of a bustling and culturally rich city or the quiet of a hiking trail or ski slope, it is all here and easily accessible within the Seattle area.

Reason 2

Unique Food Culture. While Seattle is mainly known for its top-notch seafood from the Puget Sound to the west, to the east Seattle has access to some of the greatest meat and produce from the farms of the Cascade Mountains, resulting in fresh, local ingredients. Combine this with some of the most creative and culturally diverse internationally known chefs and you have a culinary scene that is first-rate and constantly evolving.

Reason 3
Arts, Culture, and Sports!  From the Seattle Symphony and the Pacific Northwest Ballet to the Seattle Art Museum and many other galleries and museums along the way, Seattle is home to one of the greatest arts cities in the world! And don’t forget the sports. Home to eight major professional sports teams, Seattle is a haven for sports fans.

WORDS TO LIVE BY:  “Earn your success based on service to others, not at the expense of others.” –H. Jackson Brown Jr.