Why We LOVE Jen Smith & Lelu Coffee


Lelu began on Siesta Key, FL as a walk-up window selling espresso, bagels with cream cheese and the family recipe carrot cake. That small walk-up window has transitioned to a thriving business – now ethically sourcing coffee beans from women growers and global independent farmers, while locally roasting and wholesaling.

Maintaining an active role in her Sarasota community, Jen, as a female business owner, has adapted and prospered. She has linked arms with organizations like Selah Freedom, Operation Warrior Resolution, Project Pride, Metro Inclusive Health, and Rise & Nyes. Her philanthropy and advocacy include environmental causes such as Surfrider Foundation, Suncoast Water Keepers, Captains for Clean Water and Florida Animal Rescue. Jen will soon open a commercial kitchen that will expand the opportunity to develop her proprietary cold brew and house freshly roasted coffee for community distribution.

Along the way, Jen has educated and advocated for others in entrepreneurship, becoming a business coach for opening businesses, helping to create sustainable practices that bring longevity and financial success.

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