The Scout Guide Roanoke, Virginia Editor Emily Pinkerton

Meet Emily Pinkerton

Emily was born and raised in the “Star City” of Roanoke, Virginia. After attending college in North Carolina and graduating with a degree in Leisure and Sport Management, she settled in Charlotte, ready to embrace all that big city living had to offer. As an event planner, she got her start in the world of NASCAR before transitioning to planning corporate and social events at the lovely Duke Mansion, which is where The Scout Guide initially came across her radar. 

While enjoying success as an event planner, Emily’s career path led to the world of higher education and independent school development work. It was through her role as a fundraiser that her love of relationship-building flourished. Though she never saw herself returning to Roanoke full-time, the transformational year 2020 created space for re-prioritizing and realizing a desire to build a life she loved with her family in a smaller and more connected community. After 15 years, It was time to come home. 

The Scout Guide then came back into Emily’s view and she immediately felt called to bring the publication to Roanoke. The mission of TSG perfectly aligned with her desire to support small businesses in the area.  After two years re-immersing herself in her community, building her network, and leading the development efforts for a local nonprofit, her dream of assuming the role of Editor came true and she is thrilled to be an advocate and champion for local entrepreneurs in her hometown.

Emily, her husband Brad, and their two children, Nora and Shields, made their move to Virginia in 2021 and reside in Botetourt County, right on the outskirts of Roanoke where they enjoy a rural lifestyle just moments away from city activity.

Emily's Favorite Reasons to Visit

Reason 1

Stunning Scenery. The natural beauty surrounding Roanoke is breathtaking. The Blue Ridge Mountains create a picturesque backdrop for the valley and we have the luxury of experiencing all four seasons. A trip to Roanoke isn’t complete without a drive up Mill Mountain to view the city from the lookout at the famous star, which serves as an iconic symbol of home for locals.

Reason 2

Outdoor Activities Abound. Roanoke boasts numerous outdoor recreational opportunities with its hiking trails, greenways, parks, and the Roanoke River. In addition, there are multiple farmers markets and festivals on any given weekend. With its abundance of outdoor activities, Roanoke invites locals and visitors alike to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature and create unforgettable memories in the great outdoors.

Reason 3

Hospitality & Hidden Gems. We are surrounded by a vibrant arts and cultural scene in Roanoke, which includes the Taubman Museum of Art and Mill Mountain Theatre. There are also quaint local restaurants downtown and tucked away in historic neighborhoods. Warm hospitality of locals is ever-present, making visitors feel like cherished guests in our charming city.

WORDS TO LIVE BY:  “Believe in who you are. Utilize what you have. Imagine the life you want. Love people well. Do what matters. Forget the rest.” - Emily Ley