The Must-Haves For Your Outdoor Living Space featuring Northern Woodworking

Spring is here! That means it is time to prep your outdoor space. How’s the outdoor space at your home working for you? If you’re looking to upgrade your outdoor spaces, look no further than Northern Woodworking! We recently chatted with the team behind Scouted Vol. 1 & 2 business, Northern Woodworking, about what their must-haves are when it comes to outdoor living.

Screens: Screens can help protect your outdoor space from bugs, solar, wind, and more. Plus, they can offer an extra layer of privacy when it comes to your outdoor living space. The Northern Woodworking team encourages installing motorized screens, making them low maintenance and easy to operate. Not only are screens helpful during the sunny summer months, they can also extend the usage time of your space – both seasonally and once the sun sets.

Heaters: Outdoor heaters are a game-changer for your outdoor living experience. It extends the usage time of your space, which is crucial for our Pennsylvania weather. Now, not only can you enjoy a summer barbecue outside, but your favorite football game on Thanksgiving as well.

Outdoor Kitchen: You don’t just want an outdoor kitchen, you want a quality outdoor kitchen. Quality is key in the longevity of your outdoor space. Northern Woodworking has the tools to offer fully functioning cabinetry in your outdoor cooking space. It allows complete usage of all of the tools you need and it allows the space to perform similarly to an indoor kitchen.

  • Covered Spaces: There are a variety of outdoor covered space options available that the average consumer may not know about, so allow Northern Woodworking to educate you on the options that work best for your project. These tools allow different clients to achieve a variety of looks through creative design, rather than your traditional covered space solutions. Covered outdoor spaces can also be changed with roof design and other structural design components. Covered areas keep things cooler, as well as create an all-weather space when combined with screens and heaters.
  • Architectural Details: Allow Northern Woodworking to help you create an outdoor experience as luxurious as your interior space. New and continued development of outdoor products can open doors for a variety of exterior spaces – and the team at Northern Woodworking has done all of the research to keep your space cutting edge. Create a seamless and luxurious outdoor look with exterior finishes like trim work, Dekton countertops and Synergy Wood products.
  • Quality Outdoor Furniture: The brands NW Design Studio (Northern Woodworking’s in-house interior design team) include in their outdoor furniture offerings are brands that have brought luxury style to the outdoors. They allow for the best performance and longevity for outdoor furniture. Explore brands you may not have heard about otherwise with the NW Design Studio team. They can help customize and complete your space, tailoring it to your unique style and needs.
  • Lighting: One factor some home builders rarely take into consideration is outdoor lighting options. The Northern Woodworking team can assist in light design to create an outdoor space that is soft yet functional. It is best to use a combination of professional products used for a variety of needs, whether for functionality or for ambiance. 

Make the most of your home and property and invest in a space to relax and make memories with friends and family. Contact Northern Woodworking when you look for assistance with your outdoor living needs. They’ll provide you with quality service and stellar craftsmanship on your project from start to finish.

Images by: RedShift & Jesse Riesmeyer