Imagine if you could, that there was a way to trade in your “to-do” lists and gain the gift of time in return. You could live your life where simplifying the needs of your home, lifestyle, and calendar were all within reach. Finding more calm and breathing easier at the end of each day was a common thread in your life. Somehow, we went from a moment two years ago where we were all essentially forced to slow down, appreciate the smaller things, and let the hustle and bustle of work/family life subside to now being thrust back into the craziness of balancing work/family life all over again. Quite possibly at 200% this time around. How do many of us manage all that is thrown our way? I think we are all just trying to do the best we can. But wouldn’t it be lovely if you had a little extra help along the way? A little lifestyle and home management assistance? Meet Eileen McDade Tamaccio, owner of Hedge & Haven, your answer to exceptional assistance for an extraordinary lifestyle!

What inspired you to create Hedge and Haven?  

I spied two simple words, “Scatter Joy” while I was driving on a tiny lane in South Florida. The cottages were christened with ethereal monikers like, Scatter Joy! Who wouldn’t love to live there? Imagine… the souls who wake up to scatter joy each day? The tender keepers of this spot who realized the gift of joy and how sharing it is why we help others. It stopped me in my tracks and truly spoke to me. It was my billboard and my way out of darkness. Simultaneous to the whole “Scatter Joy” discovery moment was my truth. My life was as far from joyous as one could imagine. It offered ample chaos and scattered was how I felt, everyday – for a very long time. I realized, many people experience stormy seas, and I was not alone. 

Hedge and Haven was a dream business that evolved from a personal S-O-S. It was far from a sustainable business plan, but that would come later. My mantra was to wear an invisible lifejacket and reacquaint myself with patience. (I chose blazers for the job!) 

Oh, and meet Pandemic- my new business partner. Hedge and Haven evolved with an innate need to provide support and assistance for people struggling with loss or navigating a life transition. Scattering joy along the way was the post- dinner affogato. I had vision and my eyes opened out of a very sound sleep. Hedge and Haven was in fact, calling to me.

Services: Let’s talk about your key areas of focus and what those entail, shall we?

Fact is, Hedge and Haven’s services are tailored and bespoke for each and every client. It’s simple, clients contact me via the website and book a consultation. The rest is personal. What my clients get in return is more time, more calm, less clutter, more support, and assistance where and when you need it most. 

The Must Haves – The services that are most requested

Personal Assistance  

This is the service that provides clients with the gift of time in return. Who wouldn’t adore that? Perhaps it’s researching service providers or managing in-home appointments. Bill paying and personal shopping are frequent requests, and now that we are traveling again packing services are very relevant. There is no dog walking or house cleaning. However, we can help you secure those services.

Home Organization and Curation

Today, there is a binge-worthy deluge of reality shows, books and products dedicated to the perfectly organized space. I savor it all. It’s intoxicating – our minds become focused on rainbow colored pantry shelves and all forms of leucite. These are great tools and help you maintain a space, but it’s the planning, shopping and making sense of it all where H&H simplifies the job. In other words, there is a rainstorm or hurricane before every rainbow. Pack an umbrella – or, let H&H pack it for you! 

Downsizing and Relocation Assistance  

These are need-based services.  They arise from a life transition such as a divorce, a loss or an illness. My degree in Psychology is most valuable in these circumstances. Offering support and assistance during a crisis is delicate business and not to be taken lightly. I offer sensitivity to help sort the concerns and identify obstacles, while being sure to deeply empathize and listen actively.  I identify the resources needed to sort, purge, edit, and store possessions. That is just the start. 

Decor and Entertaining

I understand flower power and love a good party! Pair that skill set with a love of fine friends and food and I am 100% all in. A friend described me as a modern-day Mary Poppins. It stuck. My version of ‘MP’ is coming to the rescue with a menu, a plan, flowers and fun!

As we gear up for the summer months ahead, please share with us some of your strategies when it comes to packing for your clients, and what your go-to pieces are for the eager traveler to never leave home without.

Jet-Set like a rock star and pack like a sherpa. Looking back, I loved over-packing!  For decades, I considered it a gift, a talent. Business trips, trips abroad or a weekend jaunt: I brought it all and savored the process of perching upon cases to close them like they were tuffets! I procured more carry-ons than I would ever admit. 

So, for starters, do look at the forecast. Pack your essentials first and then plan your travel look. I elevate it in case of disaster and because being well dressed for a flight makes me feel safer and more cosmopolitan. Next, map it out and pack looks that can be recycled and reinvented. Dress for getting away – silks, cotton tees, worn denim and both high and low leather sandals are all you need, and do invest in wide legged white denim. My go-to these days is Frame Le Flair. They take off 5 lbs and gives you 5 inches in height. The saying goes, if you love something – set it free. If you are packing go lightly, have your basics, the essentials and leave home with everything you need. 

I know how much you enjoy entertaining at home and/or assisting a client with their entertaining needs. What are a couple of your go-to ideas to simplify entertaining?

When it comes to what to serve for someone popping in or having guests to lunch or dinner, I seek recipes that are simple enough to make or buy. Those that are on par with the season, and just yummy. Spring to me is roasted asparagus, baby lettuces, carrot ginger soup shooters and the secret ingredient – frozen or fresh baby peas! I add them to everything. Salads, soups and as a side to the perfect roast chicken. My herb of choice is basil and I use it with abandon until the snow flies. The one thing I cannot live without is a lemon. Juiced and spritzed over a salad or sliced into the shape of a wheel floating atop herb tea. It is my favorite citrus fruit, and I cannot go to the market without grabbing one. 

H&H Tip: Best tool for the kitchen is an immersion stick blender. I like Cuisinart. Sauces and soups, either chilled or hot are yours for the blitzing. I also use a nutri-bullet to create my own juices and smoothies. I love it for the low profile, easy care and reliability.

What would you say brings you the most joy with your business and your clients? 

 It’s when the calm and quiet settles in. When I leave a client I always leave with the same sentiment, “call me if you need me”. This phrase has tremendous meaning to me. My husband Steven saw me through stormy seas, and from the day we met he said to me, “call me if you need me.” This phrase is as essential to me and to Hedge and Haven as the phrase “scatter joy”. Without it, I could not have been where I am. Words matter. I am so honored that many of my clients who started with me are still clients, and have become friends. But what brings me the most joy in respect to my clients is that today was more manageable, and tomorrow is another day and it will be better. However, knowing they will sleep sounder and feel less lonely echoes with me.

What are some of your local favorites around town these days?

My husband Steven’s salon, Estetica, for a blowout or cut and color! 

When I crave a good salad I adore the Roka salad at Estia in Radnor. Add grilled chicken and I’m set. 

Chanticleer – I have been a seasonal member of Chanticleer in Wayne for several years. I still can’t believe it is in our backyard! I give seasonal subscriptions as gifts and treasure each and every visit. 

ANYTHING from Little House Shop! Any visit is one stop shopping and always a feast for the eyes. 

The best gift of the summer – The Murano glass candle from Purely Porcelain. Maddy Walton, artist/owner of Purely Porcelain, created our wedding favors which were beautifully crafted, custom candles for each guest, and she created my husband’s wedding gift – a porcelain Celtic love knot. Anything she touches – is out of this world! 

Oh, and my favorite gift for spring? A custom herb or kitchen garden curated by H&H!

As we move into the summer months ahead, let Eileen sprinkle a little bit of that Mary Poppins magic into your life. Start living your extraordinary life sooner rather than later, and reap the benefits of feeling more joy and happiness with a little help from H&H !

For more information on Hedge & Haven’s services contact:

Eileen McDade Tamaccio

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.hedgeandhaven.com / Instagram: @hedgeandhaven

As always, support local and amazing local business owners wherever you can.

Your Editor,

Laurie M. Wightman