Palm Reading

The mid-July heat has us in a tropical state of mind. And while our planned beach getaways are still a couple of weeks away, we’ve gone ahead and entered the vacation mindset by embracing all things palm. From incorporating fronds into our decor to seeking out palm-infused patterns like the above fabric in a design by Katherine Shenaman Interiors (located in Palm Beach, of course!), tropical trees are taking our imaginations to new heights.

Left, a pot bearing fronds is a welcoming sight and the perfect companion to a Gustavian Swedish clock in an entry space by New Orleans-based MMR Interiors’ Melissa Rufty, which she captured on her Instagram (if you’re not already following her, you should be!). Right, another view of the tropical foliage-adorned guest room by Katherine Shenaman further proves how inviting palm prints can be.

We’ve featured this Katherine Shenaman-designed space before, but a celebration of palms just wouldn’t be complete without showcasing the incredible combination of patterns and textures shown above. The scene has all the makings of a dream vacation, and you can enjoy it without ever leaving the house.

Whether you’re in a palm tree-lined location or not, your accessories can always transport you to a more tropical state (sartorially, at least). Eugenia Kim’s “Delilah” hat available from Naples’s Marissa Collections, Mara Hoffman triangle top available from Denver’s A Line Boutique, or Stella & Dot leaf print clutch—one of Charlotte-based stylist Erica Hanks’s summer picks—all evoke a trip to an exotic locale.

Whether used in a traditional setting, as in a Katherine Shenaman-designed powder room (above, right), or featured in a more modern sense, as in the stunning work by Palm Beach-based photographer Chris Leidy (above, left), palms always add a freshness and sense of adventure to decor that is difficult to resist.

For a perfect dose of Palm Beach beauty, simply visit the portfolio of acclaimed landscape designer Fernando Wong. Influenced by the architecture of the buildings around which he designs, his work is absolutely stunning and makes you want to step into each photograph.

Above is another view of the art deco gem in Fernando Wong’s portfolio. The house itself would stop you in your tracks, but paired with palms casting angular shadows and adding wonderful texture with their beautiful trunks, the scene is transcendent.