Making An Entrance

Whether minimally styled and statement-making or elegant and warmly welcoming, a beautiful entryway always makes a lasting first impression. The space is not only where we greet our guests, it’s what we first come home to, and who doesn’t want to walk into such a soothing and sublime setting as the one shown above by Chicago’s Bardes Interiors? Full of light and elegantly appointed, it beckons you in with its beauty (and, we imagine, makes it hard to leave!).The patterns, texture, and one-of-a-kind pieces in this project by Katherine Shenaman Interiors pull us in and make us want to explore every room. Every detail has been carefully selected and expertly executed, making the entry feel undeniably enticing.

Every time we peruse the portfolio of Birmingham’s Mary Evelyn Interiors we’re struck by how utterly inviting her work is. This beautiful space is a perfect example of why we want to walk into every one of her designs.

Elements for an unforgettable foyer, illustrated by Northern New Jersey’s Valerie Grant Interiors (left) and Memphis’s Sean Anderson Design (right): a stunning staircase, abundant natural light, a show-stopping light fixture that draws the eye up, and a fresh arrangement.

Perhaps the only space that would lure us away from the beautiful beach beyond: This clean and contemporary space by Palm Beach’s Benitz Building.



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