Stacey Welcomes the Veronicas of Veronica Beard to Paradise

Welcome to Palm Beach! Welcome to Paradise, Veronica Beard!

Stacey Leuliette, The Scout Guide Palm Beach’s Editor, sat down to chat with Veronica Beard co-founders, Veronica Swanson Beard and Veronica Miele Beard, known as the Veronicas, before their debut Spring Summer 2022 Runway Show at The Royal Poinciana Plaza in Palm Beach.

The Veronicas talked all about their favorite spots in Palm Beach, their inspiration behind the Spring Summer 2022 Collection, their giveback initiatives, and much more along the way! Keep reading for excerpts from the conversation, and to watch the full interview click the video below.


Stacey Leuliette: Congratulations on your 18th store opening at The Royal Poinciana! Tell us about your decision to open a store in Palm Beach.

Veronica Swanson Beard: We love Palm Beach and we spend a lot of time down here with our families. We knew with so much movement over the last two years and with so many New Yorkers moving down to Palm Bech that it was the right time to open in Palm Beach!


Stacey Leuliette: Tell us about the Spring Collection!

Veronica Miele Beard: This Spring is perfect for Palm Beach because of the colors! That’s why we knew we wanted to show the collection here. This collection lends to: Color. Gorgeous dresses. Sequins. It’s a moment in time when people are ready to go out… So, let’s celebrate!

SL: Today starts International Women’s Month. The Scout Guide is entirely women-owned just as you are both pioneers in spearheading your vision for your brand. Were there other women along the way that inspired you as you were starting Veronica Beard?

VSB: We are so inspired by all the women along the way. We always talk about who is the most exciting person to see wearing the clothes, and it’s not always the celebrities, but it’s the women we know, the people we see on the street in New York… in the “wild”. We are inspired by our kids, our mothers, all the women in between, and of course so many of the female designers before us.

SL: Share with us about VB Gives Back, what it means to you, and how it got started.

VMB: VB Gives Back is in-house and part of our daily routine. We empower women to do amazing things by partnering with women at a quarterly cadence to support their missions. For example, currently Blake Lively is matching one million dollars raised to support Ukraine and we are contributing 100,000$ to Ukraine through Blake Lively’s campaign.

SL: What are your favorite places in Palm Beach? Are there any new spots, along with old trusted favorites, that you love?

VSB: Dixie Highway! All I want to do is be on Dixie Highway for the hunt. I am going to hit it up tomorrow before I leave. Worth Avenue, of course. And The Royal!

VMB: We just went to Lola 41 last night and what a fabulous menu. There’s a lot of good New York-inspired places here.

To listen to our full interview with the Veronicas, click here.
To watch the SS22 Runway Show at The Royal Poinciana Plaza,
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